Natural air purification system powered by solar energy.

Statistics show that indoor air can be more if not less polluted than outdoor air, due to the fact that indoors are normally sealed to keep the interiors clean and well insulated. There are many high-tech air purifiers available on the market today, but most of them consume a lot of energy and above all don’t add anything natural to your homes. The GreenAir concept tries to bring nature to your home not for boasting your ecofriendly interiors but for keeping the indoor air fresh.

We all know that some plants have the ability to purify the indoor air and if planted properly can absorb a lot of pollutants using their leaves and roots. The GreenAir by industrial designer Sherly Gunawan uses these plants in a high-tech planter that is equipped with solar panels and a fan. The solar panels power the fan, which suck air from the room to the root area for purification.

An automatic and low-tech watering system is also incorporated in the planter, which is made from biodegradable materials.

Via: TDB