Solar-powered battery charger.

With the latest innovations in photovoltaic technology, new products that help you charge your portable gadgets with renewable energy are regularly flooding the market. Apart from being a greener way to charge your gear, these chargers also help you recharge on the go as well, which gets them a permanent place in any camping enthusiast’s backpack. The Flower Power Battery Charger is another way you can juice up your gear’s batteries using the best of energy available everywhere.

Designed by industrial designer Brian Borja, the charger seems to be inspired by a sunflower. However, the petals here don’t beautify the surroundings but gather solar energy during daytime. Once the gadget is exposed to the sun, its petals open to expose the solar panels for charging and when the sun sets, the petals close and the panels are hidden away until the next sun exposure.

Once the batteries are charged and the petals are closed, the flower bud can be taken off to extract the batteries. Apart from being a green way to charge batteries, the gadget keeps you close to nature as well.

Via: Coroflot