Water and energy saving washing machine.

Researchers at the University of Leeds have developed a new washing machine, which when fully developed would be able to wash a complete load using just one cup of water. Apart from using less than 10% of the water of conventional washing machines, it saves on energy as well by merely using a third of the energy of other washing machines available on the market today.

The machine makes use of a new technology developed by Xeros that makes use of reusable plastic beads to attract and absorb dirt under humid conditions. Using only a small amount of water and detergent, the machine heats water and converts it intowater vapor necessary for the beads to work. The beads remove stains, and once the cycle is finished, they fall through a mesh in the machine’s drum and can be used over a hundred times. The company will initially develop washers for the commercial market after which it will be available for homeowners.

Via: CNet/DailyMail