5.11's tactical-grade "Light for Life" flashlight impressed us in two big ways: it charges in only 90 seconds, and it features a clever 360° charging pad. The flashlight operates in three modes so, depending on how you use it, you can get up to two hours of use from that short 90-second charge.

The standard beam's 90 lumens strong and will keep up for an hour. A higher, wince-inducing 270-lumens setting can keep going for around 45 minutes and a third mode, strobe, works well with an optional flare cone. After each cutoff point, the light enters a 25-lumen standby mode for 30 minutes, and finally a 10-lumen emergency mode for another half hour.

The Light for Life fits into its charger any which way — no pins or shapes to line up. Instead the prongs we're all used to are pressed into concentric circles on the bottom of the flashlight

Via 5.11 Tactical