Folding bikes from Mercedes-Benz.

Whether it’s fuel-guzzling sports cars or zero-emission bicycles, Mercedes-Benz makes sure that anything that leaves its production lines is special in its own way. This time the company has launched a new range of pushbikes known as the FoldingBike, which as is expected from its name, folds for easy carrying.

The bikes can be completely folded down in two different ways according to the space available in your car’s trunk. When folded the bike measures 80×80x35cm, which eases the process of carrying the bike in a car or a yacht. Like always, Mercedes-Benz has developed a patented folding mechanism that allows the user to fold down the bike in seconds without using any special tools. The new Mercedes-Benz FoldingBike comes in silver and white and costs €1,700.

Via: Gizmag