Solar-powered street market concept.

In an era where multi-story shopping malls have transformed the process of buying goods and services, Israeli designer Yarel Yair is envisioning a world where sustainability will want small markets to be set up on the streets and powered by the abundant energy of the sun. His visions have taken a consumable form, which he has shared with us.

The concept is to create easy and spontaneous sales stands in a street market. The stand will host the clients and let them see the merchandise before buying it. The stand’s roof would be a constant tree that will provide electricity and shade.

The bookshelves would boast a modular design, which Yair refers to as the RhomBox. The modular RhomBox can be used to create a piled library and also function as a seat which could be used by both the shopkeeper and the client. The RhomBox covers function as a shade when assembled to the energy tree. When not in use the RhomBox can easily be detached and stacked.

The street market would get the energy it needs from solar panels from the Energy Tree. The tree is a constant solar energy producing and a shade providing unit. Being modular, it can be customized by the user according to his needs. The tree is an assembly of branches and solar panels and shades, which actually are the covers of the RhomBox.

The designer plans to create an Energy Oasis by connecting the solar generating trees of all the shops together. Together they will create a multipurpose constant area that generates electricity for the entire market. When the market isn’t open the Energy Oasis can sell the renewable energy generate to the grid, which can then be used elsewhere.