As you may already know, Alienware has a gaming laptop coming out next month with a name that automatically sets the bar impossibly high: "Allpowerful." The latest ad in their teaser campaign features a riddle that has been cracked by Larven on the NotebookReview forums.

Apparently, the gibberish on the image above reads:

The sum of the first four primes
denotes a state of two parts
known as the gentleman's muscle car of 1967
when pure, it will carry a yield strength of 7-11 mpa
is always empty in zero sum games

These clues hint at a 17-inch display, Core 2 Extreme or Core i7 processing, GTX NVIDIA graphics, an aluminum chassis and dual everything—but we probably won't know for sure until the laptop is released next month. Rest assured though—prices will be high and battery life will be low. [Alienware via NotebookReview]