All over the place, women fashion models are being transformed into something metallic and unearthly. Their shoulders are getting squarer, their faces shinier and more impassive, and their bodies silvery and hard. Could it be the first stage in the impending robot takeover? Warning: gallery includes photo of see-thru top.

UK paper The Independent spotted the trend first, in a post called "The Robots Are Coming":

Karl Lagerfeld himself did the robot this season – or at least, he did doll-faced dystopiennes who looked like they'd just stepped out of a souped-up DeLorean (flux capacitor as standard)....

The hyphenated buzzword this season is "retro-futurism", think "Rachael from Blade Runner . The British design duo Preen quoted the film as one of the main sources for their collection this season, where chic mini-dresses were slashed and reconfigured. It's the 1940s, as seen through the lens of modern-day, but interpreted with the future in mind. At Balmain, dresses came in intergalactic cobalt-blue sequins, with accentuated shoulders worthy of a glamorous space cadet. Kate Moss has been spotted in a silver version at parties recently.

Photos by Getty Images. [via New York Magazine]