Eco Factor: Solar powered camping lamp doubles as a cellphone charger.

Marred by the unavailability of sunlight 24 hours a day, ecofriendly gadget designers mostly integrate a backup mechanism that lets you charge the product using the dependable AC power, which in one way spoils the green aesthetics of the product. We saw this feature being integrated in Kinesis K3 charger and many other products which we frequently cover. The Solar Camping Lamp is different as it makes sure that you do charge it with renewable energy even when the sun isn’t around.

The lamp, which also doubles as a cellphone charge can be charged with efficient polysilicon solar cells during daytime and can also generate power using the good old hand-crank technique during an overcast day. The lamp comes with 6LEDs which can be illuminated in two different modes to save energy. The Hand Winding, Solar Camping Lamp with Charger is available for $34.99 from GizFever.

Via: GeekAlerts