Taking DSLR shots through a USB-connected laptop is a popular way of monitoring a photo shoot realtime. Now OnOne has released the extension of this idea through an iPhone app.

DSLR Remote is a remote control for Canon cameras. Connecting to a laptop over Wi-Fi, the software can obviously take shots at will, but it can also control settings including shutter speed, aperture and white balance. Plus, and this is the neatest feature, the iPhone can stream the camera's Live View feed (if applicable to the DSLR) for a realtime look at what's in the frame.

DSLR Remote will be in the App Store soon for an introductory price of $10 (it'll jump to $20 soon). There's also a Lite version if you just want the capability to snap photos. For a full list of compatible camera, visit onOne. [onOne via Gadget Lab]