Eco Factor: Manufacturer promises recyclability and recoverability on all its current car models.

Bentley has joined the green campaign by announcing to deliver 85% recyclability and 95% recoverability of materials for all current Continental models. Dr. Arno Homburg, head of the Bentley Vehicle Development, has gained official recognition from the German Transport Authority.

In his own words Dr. Homburg says:

Our environment policy is based on sustainable principles and we take a holistic view of the whole process. At the design stage we consider the environmental impact of all components over the entire life of the car. This is despite the fact that over 70% of all Bentleys ever produced are still in existence - our cars tend to end up as collectors’ items rather than scrap. This is part of our responsibility as a car maker to contribute to environmental improvements, as demonstrated by this certification.

This will allow other industries to reuse or reprocess material used in making of Bentley cars. However, emission problem require more attention than recyclability, but still Bentley deserves appreciation for boosting green trend. Hopefully it will inspire other luxury brands for the same.

Via: AutoEvolution