If you were hoping that ourfuture robot masters would be of the readily identifiable Transformers breed, or at least of the fetching Summer Glau variety, you may be in for a disappointment. A group of Japanese roboticists, led by Shingo Maeda at the Shuji Hashimoto applied physics laboratory at Waseda University, have created a chemical gel capable of independent motion, similar to that of a caterpillar.

Using a process that combines polymers, the material not only moves on its own, but also can change colors and can be used to perform calculations. According to the scientists involved in the project the morphable material could even one day be used as components of a future robot, thus making the notion of the incredibly scary Terminator T-1000 a real possibility. You can check out video of the terrifying "baby steps" of this new material here.

Via New Scientist