Eco Factor: Building crafted from recycled materials powers itself using solar energy.

Berkeley is all set to unveil a $28 million state-of-the-art mixed-use building, which is made of 53% recycled materials and has received the highest rating for green construction. Green from the ground up, the Brower Center is a powerful model of sustainable, mixed-use development. Apart from the use of 53% recycled materials in construction, the building uses the latest in energy-saving and generating technologies.

The building opens officially May 8, but the tenants have already started moving in. The developer claims that about 3,500 people applied for the 97 units thatthe building possesses. These units rent for $325 to $1,150 per month depending on the tenant’s income and the size of the apartment. The Brower Center also includes a 180-seat theater, art galleries, meeting rooms, a restaurant and other public spaces. Designed by San Francisco architect Dan Solomon, the center will be powered by photovoltaic panels which will also double as a sun shade device. All office areas won’t require even a single light bulb as they will be kept illuminated by daylight.

Via: SFGate