Furniture doesn't usually make me want to throw up. But this desk-and-chair set, from designer Nacho Carbonell's titillating Skin collection, makes me think about the stuff inside me that I don't like to think about.

Technically, the elastic membrane covering the desk and chair is to stretch so that you can stash your own stuff, whether it's books or silverware or hashish. But in the example, Carbonell apparently chose something a little close to mammalian intestines for my taste.

The rest of the furniture is just cool, in an organic Buckaroo Banzai 8th-dimensional sort of way, all with little pockets to store your bidness. As Carbonell himself said to Dezeen, "You'll feel like playing hide and seek!" I don't know, Nacho. I don't feel like playing anything right now. Hey, is your brother really Bat Manuel? [Dezeen]