It's hands-down the ugliest controller mod I've ever seen, and yet it's the most endearing. A fan of the Virtual-On arcade games recreated the series' unique method of control by extending the Xbox 360 controller's dual joystics with candy packaging. Then, the modder ran wires up through the containers to work the buttons at the top of the stick.

If you've never had the pleasure to play Virtual-On, which pits a bunch of anime-style robots against one another in one-on-one deathmatches, then this all may seem a bit much. Fans will tell you, though, that playing Virtual-On on a console never felt quite right, as the dual-joysticks of the arcade allowed for incredibly tight control (and it's just a cooler way to pilot a mech, anyway).

As for our modder's effort up above, this may be a fine prototype, but hopefully he has a more solid version in the works.

1UP, via CrunchGear