Here's some photography to convince you that the best Ghostbusters are seven years old and pencil drawings that convince you that pencil drawings are awesome. And so are rhinoceroses.

Jan von Holleben's "Dreams of Flying" series is just about the most fun I've seen happening with almost nothing but buckets and trash bins, while at the same time being about the best tribute to Star Wars, King Kong, superheroes, and, of course, Ghostbusters that I've seen in awhile. Sure, it might be nostalgia. Sure, it's completely free of any irony or punchline or special visual effects. But I figure that's the whole point. Sometimes all it takes is a kid with a black bucket on his head pretending to be Darth Vader to remind me why I first loved Star Wars. (Although, admittedly, I was about eight at the time and wanted to be C-3PO. My five-year-old brother got to be Vader.)

Check out the rest of the collection on Jan von Holleben's site here.

Meanwhile, Joao Ruas's pencil drawings are absolutely beautiful and strange, featuring all sorts of haunting creatures, both animal and robot. Finding pencil work this wonderful is rare, but his site also features his paintings and digitally altered work as well, and—Well, I figure I can't say much to do it justice, other than to say that it's awesome. There's something strangely dark and compelling about his work, and if you weren't so much into the childlike innocence of von Holleben's photography (and even if you were), you should take a look around Ruas's website.