The image mockup is from a person who claims "hands-on time," but the rumor is all Nokia/Verizon Wireless: A swiveling phone could arrive just in time to get creamed by a new iPhone this summer.

BGR claims the rumor and mockup comes from a trusted source, but regardless eat some salt, roll your eyes, and just enjoy this for what it is. A random Easter Sunday unconfirmed rumor. Did I say it was a rumor yet?

Good. Anyway, the tipster reports that this will resemble a "swiveling E71-type handset" that will be launched by Verizon Wireless sometime in July/August. The OS is "S40 and not S60."

This concludes our rampant rumor and speculation for the day. Time to feast on something a bit more tangible, methinks. Like an egg. Or some rabbit. [BGR]