If you're passionate about furry creatures, then this alien fashion should please and excite you. Though it's hard to say whether what we're observing is fashion, or just a group of naturally hirsute extraterrestrials.

These images are from a series of sculptures and concept designs called Soundsuits created by Nick Cave - not the singer, the artist. Here you can see his furry suits at rest, looking very alien indeed. Cave's eye for the absurd and otherworldly is delightful. Apparently many of his suits make musical noises as they move, especially these you see below, which are covered in adornments.

These two outfits look to me like spacesuits:

And of course this is clearly a cyborg who has merged her own body with the Earth itself. Or maybe it's Swamp Thing's cute younger brother.

Cave is a former fashion designer, and you can find out more about his latest work at Feuilleton. (via Ecstatic Days)