2014 gave us a lot of cool gadgets, and here's a list of some 16 of them. They're not only aesthetically nice to look at, they're also pretty useful! Check it out:

1. Yolkfish - egg yolk separator

You can actually DIY this but this is cuter.

2. Cumulous - a smart umbrella

You only need the umbrella when the sun is shining hot and bright. This one will do all the heavy work for you.

3. The Barisieur - this alarm clock is also a coffee maker.

If only morning coffee would be ready the minute you wake up. Now it will.

4. Bluesmart - a charger for your devices

You can't possibly be carrying your charger in your pocket now, can you? Charge from your suitcase instead.

5. Mars by Crazybaby - this is a levitating speaker

There's no David Blaine trickery going on here. The reason for the levitation is also for better sound quality.

6. Ritot - projection watch

Tell the time on your hand with this cool gadget.

7. Avo - a self cleaning tropical fish tank

This makes perfect sense for people who are forgetful and want to keep fish.

8. Edyn - a Garden System

Use this if you don't exactly have a green thumb.

9. A power bank that looks like an Ice Cream Sandwich

Because making anything look like an ice cream sandwich is always good.

10. Jibo - a family robot

I seriously thought this was a joke at first, but I guess it isn't.

11. Vessyl - a smart cup

This cup will know just how many calories there is in your drink.

12. Smartmat - a yoga mat that's intelligent

It'll help you make the right yoga poses.

13. Butterup - a knife that softens butter up.

I don't know about you, but I really don't mind hard butter.

14. Bistro - a face recognition smart cat feeder.

If different cats have different diets, this is best!

15. Grillbot - a Roomba for your grill.

Because why clean your grill yourself!?!?!

16. Icecap, a wine chiller and aerator

Perfect for a hot day. Or when you don't have ice around.