Look no further, because the future arrived and happened in 2014. That means, 2015 can only be more exciting. Here are some examples of why 2014 feels like the future.

1. This app translates in real-time. Like a Star Trek communicator!

2. This haptic spoon helps those with Parkinson's eat.

3. Ads like this are happening.

4. Libraries are getting digital capabilities. This one lets you scan a QR code to get the book you want.

5. This toilet door uses a smart glass that lets you know when it is occupied.

6. The way this amazing door opens and closes.

7. Believe it: this is a robot:

8. Transparent cars are already being developed. But can it be a good thing?

9. Here's a comparison of the number of planets we've discovered this year alone compared to two decades ago.

10. This guy's bionic arm works like a real one.

11. Bionic hands are becoming better at doing what a real hand can do.

12. Your trash bin will know where your trash lands.

13. This is Shanghai between 1987 and now.

14. This guy is using Oculus Rift for 3D imaging.

15. Your clothes will never get dirty with this special chemical.

16. Your ice cream now comes with holograms. Say what?!

17. Astronauts are taking selfies in space.

18. This is how movies are being made now.

Still not convinced we're already living in the future?