The complaints about Apple's new bendable iPhone 6 Plus is making its rounds on social media, and here's a round up of all the jokes we've seen so far. Apparently, Apple is said to be replacing the bent iPhones if they pass the "visual inspection" and qualify for warranty replacement. Check out the jokes:

1. Now, if only he mentioned it first..

2. The next upcoming movie blockbuster:

3. The design team had something else in mind.

4. Samsung is good at trolling Apple.

5. Your iPhone 6 Plus after one week.

6. It has new accessories too.

7. Apple will start selling repair kits.

8. A guide to know how to put your phone in your pants.

9. Bend-free pants.

10. The old school calculator could have been a trend-setter.

11. iPhone 6 Plus origami.

12. Kit Kat's brilliant troll.

13. Heineken joins in the fun.

14. Amnesty International decided to make it about issues that really matter.

15. If gadgets had Tinder.

16. Who's on the new board of Apple.

17. Motorola's Razr never looked sexier.

18. The original bender.

19. If TV screens are curved these days, why not phones?

20. Nokia's banana phone could be back in fashion now.