These days, traveling usually requires making sure that your smartphone, tablet and laptop are on hand at all times. Here are some other nifty gadgets that you might want to add to your checklist before you decide to head overseas:

Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm from Lewis N. Clark

A nifty door alarm will ring whenever your hotel door room is unexpectedly opened.

Pebble Smart Watch

A smart watch that lets you check your texts, calls and emails without evhaving to touch your smartphone.

Heys xScale Pro

This highly accurate device allows you to measure the weight of anything up to 50 kg.

Philips Rechargeable Power Pack

For when you end up running short on battery power during those long travel periods.

Olympus Stylus Tough-8010

Considered the "Optimus Prime" of cameras, this heavyduty device that will follow you to all ends of the Earth while capturing it on video in 720p HD.

The Really Tiny Book Light

For those late-night reading sessions.


A perfect way to keep your gadgets and cables organized.

LIX 3D Printing Penn

The best way to bring your geeky sketches to life.

Jawbone Jambox

For listening to your favourite tunes while on the go.

Heys eCase

The perfect solution for stashing all the gadgets mentioned in this post.