These images were drawn by Jean-Marc Côté and other French artists. They were to be used in cigarette and cigar boxes for the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. Needless to say, they were pretty far off on all their predictions of the future. Some of them are hilarious too!

1. Aerial Battles or What a Slow Way To Die

2. Correspondence Cinema or FaceTime Version 0

3. Auto Rollers - Inline Skates! 1

4. Air Ships Or Hybrid Vehicles!

5. Air Hunters or Birds can't fly away now.

6. Whale Buses or The Best Way to Travel by Sea. 

7. Underwater Croquet should have existed.

8. The Torpedo Plane or Are Those Wings?

9. Madame at her Toilette or Best Dame Toilet in The World!

10. A Monster of the Abyss or Super Mario version 0.

14. Aviation Police. Stop! In the name of love and wine.

11. Brain Caps at School or The Matrix.

12. A race in the Pacific or Aquaman Exists!

18. Seahorse Divers or Ocean Segway

15. Fishing for Seagulls or What the heck?

21. Aerial Firemen

17. Electric Scrubbing or Roomba!

16. Easy Farming or Automation!

19. The new-fangled Barber

20. In hot Pursuit - New age-Police

13. The Little Eagle-Nest Robbers or The Weirdest Thing from France Today..

22. Aero-cab Station