While most of us might have stopped playing with Legos as we got older, these amazingly talented individuals decided they would transform their passion into serious art.  From building imaginary cities to miniaturized movie characters, these plastic blocks can be transformed into just about anything that you can imagine!

If you need more proof, check out these amazing Lego creations and sculptures below. Some look so real that you won't believe they were made using tiny plastic blocks. Get ready to impress your inner five year old...

LEGO Colosseum by Ryan McNaught, aka "The Brickman"

R2-D2 by Ryan McNaught, aka "The Brickman"

Stegosaurus by Henry Lim

Queen Amidala by Henry Lim

Harpsichord by Henry Lim

Nintendo DSi by Sean Kenney

Empire State Building by Sean Kenney

MazdaSpeed3 by Sean Kenney

LEGO Tiger by Bright Bricks

LEGO Tree by Bright Bricks

Yellow Man by Nathan Sawaya

Three Figures by Nathan Sawaya

City of Palms by Nathan Sawaya