Tattoos are cool, but not all are made equal. Here are some 23 examples of either someone's dream came true or the mistake they will regret forever a year later. Would you date anyone with these super geeky tattoos? Scroll down the post to view them:

1. Star Trek - He'll boldly go home...alone.

2. 8-bit Mario. Ok this is cute but do you really want this on your body?

3. Yoda. He's the MASTER!

4. Animals are supposed to be cute!

5. No room for Wonder Woman here. And no room for any woman either.

6. To boldly go back and forth on Tinder after your date sees your chest.

7. We get it. You are a stiff.

8. Winter is your bedroom. Forever.

9. You shall not pass....a woman's labia!

10. Guy Fawkes looks better on your face than chest. But at least there's flowers to distract!

11. The Legend of Zelda, and hopefully you'll find her in your lifetime.

12. Spoctopus seemed like the coolest idea 15 minutes before the artist finished it. Is this..hentai?

13. Goddamnit, you are a complicated man.

14. Solving a Rubik's cube IRL would help you get laid faster.

15. This looks like a beautiful mess of something. Close shave there, buddy. Close shave.

16. This tattoo says good luck getting girls to stick.

17. You are Tony Stark without the billions. This will have no effect on anyone.

18. You will definitely get laid with this tattoo. Just say you are Patrick Stewart's illegitimate son.

19. The Force...FIELD you created with that tattoo prevents chicks from chatting you up. Except in comic conventions.

20. Two words: Super Nerd. Two more words: Forever single.

21. Lovely work. And good luck. You may still have some.

22. This is a conversation starter. Hopefully you'll know how to keep it going.

23. We thought Jon Snow knew nothing. You are worse.