Don't want to wait for when the hoverboard finally gets real? After all, you could be 60 by then; there's no way you'd ride it like a gangsta when you're that old. So instead of waiting for forever to come, you can just do it now - in virtual reality.

Kieran Lord used the Oculus Rift and a Wii Balance Board to create the closest thing to experiencing a real hoverboard for now. He says:

"The way I'm imagining the hoverboard physics is slightly different to the BTTF maglev skateboard,'" said Lord in a comment about the project on Reddit. "It's more a snowboard with a 'virtual slope' of the front/back angle of the board. If that works and feels good the player could just get up a ton of speed and then stomp their back foot to get the same effect as going over a jump ramp."

In the video below, watch Lord testing the board out in virtual reality. It takes awhile before the demo gets going, but it is worth the wait. Check it out: