In the future, all our vehicles will be like what we saw on the Jetsons. Flying cars, and they'll be running on hybrid propulsions too! Here's a concept called Skylvs, and it is a flying car concept by French startup Mix Aerospace.

The company, is currently seeking $3,124,069 (converted from 2.25 million Euros) via Indiegogo, but those funds aren't even to build a prototype. They will use those funds to establish Mix Aerospace as a brick and mortar outfit in Silicon Valley. Backers don't actually get a flying car. Or at least, it is not for everyone yet.

The first conceivable flying car could be in production as early as 2018, but even if it is materialized, we wouldn't be riding in this until a couple of years later. Either way, it is a step closer to a Jetsons future. The Skylys has currently raised just $180.50 towards its goal on Indiegogo.

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