This cool animated short was made using nothing but a tall stack of yellow sticky notes and a black pen. That's right. No 3D effects or CGI in it. The 15 animators who helped make this short film used a ton of them sticky notes.

"Yellow Sticky Notes" is a collaborative project, where 15 of Canada's finest animators were asked to tell a story about one day in their lives, all unfolding on a 4" by 6" sticky note.
Each of the animators created their sequence without knowing what the other participants were creating. Starting with a 'to do' list written on the day of a memorable event, the animators transitioned from text to imagery by utilizing 'animation meditation' to create a visually animated poem representing how their lives were affected by that pivotal day. In the end, the thousands of sticky note drawings are linked together to create a dynamic and inspirational animated film that connects the human spirit while celebrating individual artistic expression with the goal of inspiring future generations of animators.
Give it a quick watch in the video below: [Yellow Sticky Notes via DesignTaxi]