FLIR got everyone curious by revealing a thermal vision smartphone case that could see our excitement. However, it's only available for iPhone users, and won't be available until the early summer.

But now Android fans will have their own thermal imaging add-on, the Therm-App. It works with Android 4.1+ devices with a USB port that works in host mode, clamping onto the back of various sized handsets and connects via a small cable. Using an accompanying app it can provide everything from real-time thermal vision for finding an electrical component that's running hot, or for spotting people or animals in the dark.

What sets the Therm-App further apart from FLIR's thermal vision case is that it'll eventually support additional lenses to allow you to customize the field of view visible on your smartphone's display. And the whole thing can be mounted on a tripod or base for long stakeouts or timelapse recordings.

Therm-App isn't actually available for all right now; for the time being only existing Opgal customers are able to buy it - meaning only professional military, security, and law enforcement types will be able to order one. The rest of us normal folk can only leave our name and email address and wait for further notice. But hopefully it'll be available to everyone by the time FLIR is officially released.