Want to look dapper and super secure at the same time? Then this $3.2 million suit is just for you. It is bulletproof, air-conditioned, and diamond covered.

The suit was made by Swiss company Suitart, and it comes custom-tailored to each individual (which it bloody should anyway). This is a full list of what you'll be paying for:
  • NATO-certified bulletproofing, shielding you from handgun-fired bullets ranging from 9mm pistols all the way to .357 Magnums
  • An air-conditioned suit system that pumps humidified water through the jacket at the push of a button
  • Water- and dirt-proof nanotechnology inspired by the finely textured surface of dirt-resistant plants found in nature
  • Steel, black diamond-encrusted buttons weighing in at 140 carats a piece with 600 black diamonds gracing the suit in total
  • Silk lining signed by the artist Lucian Goizueta, who won the Valoarte Art Show and whose piece "Rheinhafenkrah" graces the interior of the suit
  • Matching watch and 24-carat golden silk tie
Would anyone wear this? [Diamond Armor via Damn Geeky]