Want to make electronic digital music? First, you'll have to spend on equipment. And after, you'll have to get mentors, or experiment on your own, because there's really no good how-to guide out there. Enter Contact musical interface. This will transform your table into a music making machine.

The interactive digital instrument is simple to use, and is powered in part by sound. You tap the surface with your finger and it makes a sound. Hit it with the top of your wrist, and it will trigger a drum sound.

The interface uses a Leap Motion sensor to enable a vast spectrum of effects too. Talk about trippy!

Felix Faire, the UCL student who designed Contact, built a complex and responsive visual component. Check out the video below:

"For Contact, everything was built around the the act of hitting, tapping, beating, or scratching a physical object," he told Co.Design, "then everything else just sort of grew from there."