To many people, summertime means one thing: cooking outdoors. When the weather is warm, there are few pleasures greater than grilling a slab of meat over an open flame. But what if you want to do it in a classier way than by just using a Weber grill?

The Alpina Outdoor Kitchen Cheope is an outdoor grill/kitchen setup fit for, if not a king, at least a very rich suburbanite. This classy stainless steel unit features "two gas burners, 2 tubular gasburners to reheat the lava rock grill with stainless steel grills, one tubular gas burner to reheat the ollare stone, interchangeable with cast iron plate, piezoelectric lighter with thermocouple safety device, stainless steel sink with stretchable tap, three stainless steel drawers mounted on automatic closing runners, a hinged stainless steel door to close the rubbish container and the gas cylinder container compartments, and water outlet." That should be enough to grill up some burgers, right?

Mobile Cooking Design, Via Born Rich