Written by Mike Lacher, this fairy-tale animation doesn't fight dragons or villains for that matter. Instead, the quest? To fix grandpa's Wifi.

The adventure has been animated and turned into a quirky 8-bit animation and music:
"But then one gray morning did Internet Explorer 6 no longer load The Google. Refresh was clicked, again and again, but still did Internet Explorer 6 not load The Google. Perhaps The Google was broken, the people thought, but then The Yahoo too did not load. Nor did Hotmail. Nor USAToday.com. The land was thrown into panic. Internet Explorer 6 was minimized then maximized. The Compaq Presario was unplugged then plugged back in. The old mouse was brought out and plugged in beside the new mouse. Still, The Google did not load."
Watch it below: [YouTube via Verge]