The National Museum of Health and Medicine's working to release thousands of military medical photos going back to the Civil War—and their first Flickr set feels like grisly snapshots stolen from David Lynch's nightmares.

The photo above depicts a portable x-ray machine at Walter Reed hospital during World War I. Some of the crude, early prosthetic limbs (WARNING some photos are highly disturbing), combined with the photos' sepia tone, make these very real people remind you of those mangled toys in the original Toy Story. Just compare them to the i-Limb bionic arm.

They've got over 500,000 scans and are working to digitize another 225,000 this year. So this curated set of 800 is just the beginning, but I don't know if I can bring myself to look through any more. [Flickr via Wired via BoingBoing]