Here are six reasons why I think that the amazing Takasugi-an Teahouse is, nevertheless, somewhere I'd never be caught dead, despite my love of tea:

1. It's built atop two chestnut trees that were chopped down, so no roots, just engineering.

2. You can only get inside by using free-standing ladders.

3. It sways.

4. Tea is apparently brewed over an open fire.

5. I don't see no safety nets.

6. Its name. When the architect and owner, Terunobu Fujimori, set it up in Chino City, in the Nagano Prefecture in Japan, he called it Takasugi-an, which roughly translates as "tea house that's too high." Now there's a vote of confidence.

Lots more information and plenty of Edmund Sumner's great pictures over at Dezeen. [Dezeen]