Yesterday was the 133rd anniversary of the first telephone call, Pocket Gamer reports. That's the call where Alexander Graham Bell famously transmitted a message in 1876 to his assistant that said, "Watson, come here! I want to see you!"

The story goes that Bell was investigating a problem with a new form of telegraphy he was experimenting with, so he sent Watson to check it out, according to the report. While Watson was messing with it on the other hand, Bell heard the vibrations transmitted to his end loud and clear—the whole time, the circuit was active, which ran counter to his understanding. The rest was history.

In fact, the report said that while Bell never lived to see his invention take over the world, he did have an inkling of its possibilities. On the inside cover of the first ever telephone engineer's installation and service manual, Bell inscribed the following quote: "The telephone is so important that, one day, every town will have one." (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)