Imagine getting fresh, pure drinking water from a dispenser right on your desk — no plumbing required. Anyone with a home dehumidifier knows how much water can be sucked out of the air, but usually that water gets dumped down the sink, or at best, poured on a thirsty petunia.

Cleanworld Ltd. in the UK designed the RainCloud C-15 for your home or office. Simply put, it's a small dehumidifier with a built-in water purification system to produce drinking water, with hot and cold options. Lord knows those Brits love a spot of hot tea.

The RainCloud C-15 ain't cheap. It retails for over $1,000. But, think about how much you'll save by ditching your bottled water habit, besides keeping those bottles out of the landfills. Plus, unless we really screw up, air will be a continually unlimited resource.

Cleanworld via RedFerret