Eco Factor: Multi-apartment project with roof integrating solar panels.

As resultant elements from the urban space, a conceptual 3D urban matrix apartment project has been proposed by Herold Apartments. Urban and ecological concept lies at the base of this structure. A blend of many apartments with varying dimensions, this project striving to build three different building on fragment of left–over land arising from different factors , such as site views, Hausmannian setback rules, preservation of ancient trees, unbuildable land rules etc. Ground floor has been designed especially to facilitate stay of handicapped people and at street level some shops are also included. Double orientation has been chosen for apartments, which is almost similar for all.

A large exterior walkway will serve the purpose of a public space for every apartment. Apartments are highly adaptable to bioclimatic concept achieved by exposing the northern apartments to greater thermal isolation with small openings and apartments to the south with glass floor to ceiling that provides a generous balcony protected by the overhang of the balcony above by at least 2m. An exterior transparent store made of ETFE will entrap the free calories produced by the sun in winters to warm the rest of the apartment space.

Solar thermal panels provide 65% of hot water for bathroom use. Thus, the landscape space conceived in the three layers of landscape includes ground floor public garden, private balcony garden and facetted roof integrating solar panels.

The Dark Side: PV panels provide energy only for water heating, otherwise apartments depends on grid system for rest of the energy needs. There is still a lot of scope to incorporate other measures to increase the sustainability of structure i.e. water harvesting system, wind generators etc.

Via: E-Architect