This is How You Turn Your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram

All it takes is a little tweaking and modification and you're on your way to turn your smartphone into a 3D hologram projector. After all, wouldn't you like to see things in a different dimension? This is how you do it. Check out the video below:

23 Tattoos That Only Gamers Would Appreciate

Here's taking a look at some pretty rad gamer tattoos, from the 80s, 90s, and beyond. They look absolutely gorgeous, and wasn't done in such a bad way either. This time, this is a gallery of #WIN. Check it out below:

This Might Be How The New iPhone Looks Like

Here's a concept done by designer Antonio De Rosa, and it is the first concept design of the latest iPhone that integrates some of the features of the Apple Watch. His work is incredible, and boy oh boy, do we wish the latest one would look like that. Check it out in the pictures below: 

13 Tech Myths You Should Stop Believing Already

Tech myths are here to stay unfortunately, but if you want to be savvy enough, just check out a bunch of myths that aren't true at all. Put them to rest and spread the word. Here are a bunch of 13 tech myths you should stop believing already:

A Suitcase With Built-In Shelves is The Most Organized Suitcase Ever [VIDEO]

Packing for a holiday can be tough. You tend to roll, fold, and fit whatever extra things you can in between the stuff you've already put in your bag. What if there was an easier way to organize your things? What if there were shelves built right in to your suitcase? This one has:

This is the Science of Dogs [VIDEO]

Think you know everything about man's best friend? ASAP Science is back with yet another interesting and informative video, this time, covering the science of dogs! Fair warning: watching this will make you want a dog now!

Watch How Incredible Special Effects Reduces The Age of a Woman [VIDEO]

We can do pretty much anything these days with special effects. Including, making someone look old, or young. This video here shows the amazing de-aging VFX that can be applied to make a person in a video look incredibly younger by decades!

What If Chipmunks Were Jedi Masters Too? [VIDEO]

This video has been cleverly edited to make chipmunks part of the Jedi order. Also, there are some lightsaber fights, but thankfully, they don't cut each other in half like they usually do in the movies.

This is The Travel Jacket That Fits 15 Features All In One [VIDEO]

This is perhaps, the only travel jacket you will ever need. It has 15 hidden features in it, from a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, earphone holders, drink pocket, tech pockets, and so many more.

Here's How You Can Build a Cheap "Back To The Future" Hoverboard [VIDEO]

You don't need to wait for the future to arrive before you can ride on a hoverboard. How about building one for yourself first? This video will show you how. But whether or not you'll be cruising on it like Marty McFly is another story.

This Guy Made a DIY Underwater Breathing Device [VIDEO]

Want to breathe underwater without the whole scuba equipment necessary? This guy here just built his own underwater breathing device, and it's perfect! For shallow waters that is. Still cool, nonetheless! Check it out:

There's Just No Such Thing as Living a Chemical-Free Life [VIDEO]

Can you truly avoid chemicals? You can't. Asap Science will show you the very reason for it, because even if we wanted to, there's truly no way around it. Everything, at some point, and at higher dosages, may be poisonous. Check it out below:

Did You Know You've Been Using Your Smartphone Wrongly All This While? [VIDEO]

Want to take better pictures but despite your smartphone's high-tech camera, you're still unable to do so? Let's face it. You're a horrible photographer. But don't worry. There's hope. Here are some DIY tips and tricks to help you out.

Darth Vader Went Around Choking People in Comic-Con, Just Because. [VIDEO]

The Force can be used for a lot of good things, but surely, a Darth Vader Force-choke is something you'd probably want to try if you're the Sith's top guy. So Darth Vader attended Comic-Con, and decided to apply his hold on whoever he saw.

Japan's New Satellite Will Capture Images of Earth Every 10 Minutes [VIDEO]

Japan's newest weather satellite, Himawari 8, takes 144 photographs of the entire planet every day. And here's a collection of all those photos showing you the blue pearl in space that's our planet Check it out below:

If All The Honey Bees Died, We're Next [VIDEO]

Honey bees are so important and vital to our entire ecosystem because one in three meals we eat were made possible thanks to honey bees. This video explores the catastrophe that will follow if all the honey bees died.

Build a "Back To The Future" DeLorean With Pepsi Cans [VIDEO]

The BTTF DeLorean can be built with a couple of Pepsi cans! It's quite genius actually. In fact, this video below will show you precisely what to do. Watch the video below:

Watch How The Special Effects Behind Game of Thrones' Epic White Walker Battle Was Made [VIDEO]

Game of Thrones has probably one of the best and most consistent VFX for a TV show. This past season's battle at Hardhome was spectacular, not just the scenes, but how it was made.

The amount of work that was done is very impressive.
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