This Italian Company Created a New Way To Put On Shoes [VIDEO]

Vibram shocked the world by bringing forth their Five Fingers shoes that felt as if we weren't wearing any to begin with. Now, they're using a traditional Japanese method of wrapping cloth to revolutionize the way people wear and fit into their shoes.

You Can Use A Real Paintbrush With This “Sensel Trackpad” [VIDEO]

Force Touch just got a level up. Instead of just using a pen, or your fingers, you can also now, use a paintbrush! Check out the tech and how it was made and developed in the video below:

Check Out 15 Incredibly Beautiful Night Time Shots of Earth From NASA

Earth isn't just beautiful in the day. It's even more stunning in the night! Here's the evidence, as provided by NASA. This is a gallery of some incredibly beautiful night time shots of Earth. They look so alien and so unreal, but this is where we're living!

This Hydrophobic Coating Will Repel Any Kind of Liquid. [VIDEO]

Talk about waterproof. This hydrophobic coating is impressive. So much that it will pretty much repel any kind of liquid you can imagine. Even the demo for it is incredible. Watch it in the video below:

The iPhone 6S Aluminum Bend Test Arrives [VIDEO]

Will it bend? Everything bends, if you put the right amount of pressure on it. Here's another bend test proving the only way to not have your phone bend like crazy is to use Wolverine's adamantium to manufacture them phones. LOL? Check it out below:

A New Type of Jeans Will Be Able To Charge Your Phone

Wearable tech is coming to fashion and here it is. A jeans that will charge your phone. Is it safe, we wonder? Still, it's a stroke of genius, since, battery life is something everyone struggles with these days. Will you wear them?

Google's Project Sunroof is Everyone Enjoying Solar Power [VIDEO]

Google's latest project is called Sunroof. It uses information in Google Maps to figure out how much sun falls on a roof and takes that into account of things like angle, weather, and obstructions to figure out how many panels you need to save how much on electeric bill. Check out the video below:

This Guy's Finger is Also a USB Drive [VIDEO]

What if you could replace one of your fingers with a USB drive? Would you do it? This one guy may have lost a finger, but he's not letting that get him down. In fact, he modified it to become a USB drive. Genius? Check it out below:

Check Out The World's First 3D Printed Violin [VIDEO]

Soon you'll be able to 3D print your own violin too. And this is how the world's first 3D printed violin sounds like. Very groovy actually. Not too bad. Check it out below:

The Latest Nerf Gun Fires Balls at 70MPH. Like a Real Gun. But For Kids [VIDEO]

Well, the nerf gun sure got a whole lot more badass. And dangerous? We're not so sure just yet, but if something like that can fire balls up to 70mph, we're assuming it can be dangerous on some level. Still, watching this will make you wish you were a kid again.

You'll Have To Have $250 Million in Spare Change to Buy This Megayacht

The folks from Gray Design has an idea for a megayacht. And it is a 229-foot one. It is jam packed with extreme luxury, and even comes with garage - because the rich like to drive their own cars elsewhere. And like any other luxury yacht, it comes with a helipad. Standard stuff, right? Check it out in the pictures below:

Even Muggers Will Return Your Old Nokia Phone. And Mock You For Not Having a Smartphone [VIDEO]

Want to feel safe and not worry about people mugging you for your belongings? Then carry a Nokia with you. We're talking old school Nokia phones. The ones that have anything but smart in them. Check out this comedic sketch below:

This Dress is Like Pinocchio's Nose. Except..It Turns Transparent When You Lie [NSFW]

What if there were wearable technology to prevent people from lying? This one concept is surely quite a cool one, though, we doubt anyone would ever want to take it up. The reason is that it involves the dress turning transparent if one is caught lying.

The New iPhone 6S May Not Be Bendy Anymore [VIDEO]

Will the new iPhone 6s be able to bend, still? It'll most likely be launched in September, and while there's not much cosmetic change to it, many are questioning if it will be able to withstand the bend-test in your pocket. What do you think? Will it bend?

Watch The Compilation Of Unique Analog Watch Faces [VIDEO]

Here's a compilation of some extremely rare and unique watches with beautiful faces and mechanisms that you don't usually get to see. They don't make a lot of them, and they're usually available in limited quantities, for obvious reasons. There's just too much detail going on in their faces. Check it out below:

This Making of The Lexus Hoverboard Video Will Crush Your Dreams of Owning One [VIDEO]

Okay, so the hoverboard is here. Somewhat. It's real, but it will only work if you're using it in a custom-built skatepark. You see, it's got a ton of embedded magnets. Otherwise the whole thing won't be able to work. Nevertheless, a very interesting piece of tech. How will this apply to cars in the future we wonder? No more tires?

This is What Happens When You Stop Eating [VIDEO]

Would anyone even consider not eating? I cannot imagine that! But what if you did. Ever wondered what would happen to your body if you did? Check out the latest video from Asap Science below:

Guy Shows Apple Fans An Android System On An iPhone and They Believe It Is iOS 9 [VIDEO]

iOS 9 won't be out so soon just yet, but that's not stopping this prankster from making people believe that they're looking at the latest operating system from Apple. In fact, it looks quite believable. What do you think? Check it out below:
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