This Bike is The World's First 'Unstealable Bike' And It's Sold Out!

Bikes get stolen all the time. So three Chilean creatives decided to put their heads together and make one that can't be stolen at all. Their project on Indiegogo in March raised a total of $80,078. Now they're shipping them!

Super Genius Builds Thor's Hammer That Only He is Worthy to Lift. Challenges Everyone to Lift It

Using some really powerful magnets, and a fingerprint scanner that will turn them off, this super genius made a Thor's hammer that only he is worthy of lifting. Naturally, it would be the best prank you can pull on others. Check it out below:

Your Next Adidas Shoe Will Be 3D Printed and Tailored for Your Metrics [VIDEO]

Beating Nike to the punch, Adidas is set to make 3D printed shoes that will be tailored to your metrics. That means, it will be made exclusively, and perfectly for you.

LEGO Fans Made an Underwater Lego Train That Travels at Really Fast Speeds [VIDEO]

LEGO isn't just for fun. It's for this kinda thing too: making underwater lego trains that travel at marvelous speeds. Incredible? Check it out below:

Don't Like to Fold Laundry? Japan Has a Solution For You [VIDEO]

Doing laundry is such a pain, but you have to do it anyway! It's a time-consuming task that few people look forward to. After you're done, you'll have to fold them too. Three companies in Japan have banded together to make this: the Landroid. It is the world's first ever laundry-folding robot.

This is a 16-Lens Camera and It Takes Beautiful Photography

The L16 is the first ever camera to include a multi-aperture computational camera and was built using folded optics and sophisticated imaging algorithms. In English - it takes damn good pictures.

This is how the camera looks like.

How Tough is The New iPhone? Can It Survive a Roundhouse Kick From a UFC Fighter? [VIDEO]

Watch the new iPhone take some serious abuse in this video below. Think dropping on the floor is hurt? How about getting a roundhouse kick from a UFC fighter? Check out the video below. Will it survive?

Check Out some of The Memorable James Bond Gadgets

James Bond has had many grown up toys. In fact, they might not even be for grown ups in general. These toys are dangerous. And they're just way too cool as well. Here are some of the more memorable ones that we've seen over the years.

This is How The BB-8 Sphero Toy Works [VIDEO]

The BB-8 has been all the rage for a while now, and it's even spread to a toy you can buy. Plus it works just like how you'll see in the movie. So how does it work exactly? This video will explain it all.

This is a Multiplayer Drone Race and Battle Game [VIDEO]

Fancy putting your drone to another use other than spying? Drone n base is the world's first multiplayer race and battle drone game with palm sized drones. It uses a unique combination of drones and interactive ground bases as the core of the game. Check out how it works in the video below:

Watch How Memories Are Formed and How We Lose Them [VIDEO]

If you've watched Pixar's Inside Out, you'll get a feature-film animated view of how memories we make are formed, and lost. Here, this video does somewhat the same but not as cute but chock full with science instead. Check it out:

Watch How The Sony RX10 II Camera Was Tested With Water Balloons and a Bikini Model [NSFW]

Halfway watching this, I forgot that it was a camera test. But really, all those moments that would have made great videos or photos involving water fights can now be a reality. Watch the test below:

This is Everything Wrong With Interstellar, According to Neil deGrasse Tyson [VIDEO]

When you get an astro-physicist to fact check you, you can expect some bumps along the way. Here's everything wrong with Interstellar, according to Neil deGrasse Tyson. Check out the video below:

This is British Airways' New Luxury Airline

British Airways‘ brand new 787-9 Dreamliner doesn't look like your average ordinary airplane. It's one of the most technologically advanced planes in the air, and its first class will be even more exclusive. It will feature 8 seats instead of the normal 14.

Why It Impossible To Tune A Piano Perfectly, According to Math [VIDEO]

You can tune a guitar, or a violin, and any other string instrument, but did you know that it is impossible to perfectly tune a piano? The reason for that is in mathematics, and the number of multiple strings a piano has. Check out the video below for the explanation:

Use These 16 Tips to Take Beautiful Videos With Your Phone

Who needs a real camera these days? Your phone is as good as anything you can have with you. All you need is a few pro tips to make really great videos. Not just great, but stunning ones too! From techniques, to filters, to accessories, there's a lot you'll find useful.

This Real Scale Model Of Our Solar System Was Built On An Open Desert. Shocking! [VIDEO]

Want to understand our universe a little bit more than you currently do? Then check out this scale model of our solar system...except, it was actually built on an open desert. The results are shocking. And incredible:

Here's The Reason Why Some People Are Left-Handed [VIDEO]

Left handed people are the minority. In general, right handers typically make up 90% of the population. This TED video here will explain why some people are left-handed.

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