Don't Make Your Own Mobile Phone Charger As It Can Be Really Explosive

Got some engineering background? Maybe you do, but it's still no reason for you to go ahead and build your own mobile phone charger as it might actually be dangerous. Watch this guy illustrate:

See The Stunning Concept Art From NASA's 1970s Vision for Humanity in Space

NASA imagined what humanity in space would look like back in the 1970s and it looks a lot like what we see in film today. Each of these concepts are approximately the size of a Californian beach town, and are self-contained habitats with artificial gravity, artificial weather, and are imagined in three types of colony: toroidal (donut shaped), sphere, and cylinder.

Girl Invents Breakfast Feeding Machine. Mess Ensues!

Simone Giertz invented a breakfast machine made of a uArm robot that pours cereal and milk into a bowl and feeds the user with a spoon. At least, that's what it was intended to do. Check out the video below:

Kickstarter is So Successful, But It Doesn't Feel Like That

Kickstarter became a serious business back when it launched. The crowd funding site has a lot of success stories, but it somehow feels like it has a lot of scams and crappy ideas that never actually become real after that. JelloApocalypse explains everything you need to know about Kickstarter in this animation:

This Process of Building a Watercooled PC Looks Like Tech Porn

Who would have thought that watching a simple and boring video of building a watercooled PC could look like porn? Check out the video. Totally safe for work.

This is The Science of Cheating. And Why We Do It

Are we wired to cheat? Is it in our human DNA to move on from one significant other to another? According to science, humans fall into the category of monogamous mammals, but it just so happens that cheating is a fairly common human behavior too. Check out the video below:

97%: The Short Film About Finding Love On Your Smartphone

You don't need to go out anymore to find love these days. You just need an app for that. This short film uses that idea to show what our society has become, and how we might just be operating on the subject of companionship from now on.

This Futuristic Delivery Drone Concept Will Ensure No One Throws Your Packages

We've seen disgruntled workers from delivery companies toss and throw your packages like they mean nothing. So why can't we get a robot to do the work for us instead? After all, they won't be frustrated at all. This transwheel robotic unicycle delivery drone concept is too cool and needs to happen. Stat!

5 Things You Can Make From Light Bulbs

You'll find yourself with at least a handful of light bulbs in your lifetime. And while most of us just throw it away or recycle them, you can actually repurpose them for something else. Here are some 5 things you can do with light bulbs:

You'll Want This Arkham Knight Batmobile Go-Kart [VIDEO]

I mean, who doesn't? Sure, you're not fighting crime. But that doesn't mean you can cruise around nearby like the Dark Knight, right? Check out the video below. It was built by Super-Gamer Builds.

Watch How a Baseball Bat is Made From Rough Sawn Lumber [VIDEO]

How are baseball bats made? And how would you go about it if you were to make it on your own from scratch? Watch the video as the craftsman in it uses maple and walnut wood. The process is quite interesting actually!

This Bike is The World's First 'Unstealable Bike' And It's Sold Out!

Bikes get stolen all the time. So three Chilean creatives decided to put their heads together and make one that can't be stolen at all. Their project on Indiegogo in March raised a total of $80,078. Now they're shipping them!

Super Genius Builds Thor's Hammer That Only He is Worthy to Lift. Challenges Everyone to Lift It

Using some really powerful magnets, and a fingerprint scanner that will turn them off, this super genius made a Thor's hammer that only he is worthy of lifting. Naturally, it would be the best prank you can pull on others. Check it out below:

Your Next Adidas Shoe Will Be 3D Printed and Tailored for Your Metrics [VIDEO]

Beating Nike to the punch, Adidas is set to make 3D printed shoes that will be tailored to your metrics. That means, it will be made exclusively, and perfectly for you.

LEGO Fans Made an Underwater Lego Train That Travels at Really Fast Speeds [VIDEO]

LEGO isn't just for fun. It's for this kinda thing too: making underwater lego trains that travel at marvelous speeds. Incredible? Check it out below:

Don't Like to Fold Laundry? Japan Has a Solution For You [VIDEO]

Doing laundry is such a pain, but you have to do it anyway! It's a time-consuming task that few people look forward to. After you're done, you'll have to fold them too. Three companies in Japan have banded together to make this: the Landroid. It is the world's first ever laundry-folding robot.

This is a 16-Lens Camera and It Takes Beautiful Photography

The L16 is the first ever camera to include a multi-aperture computational camera and was built using folded optics and sophisticated imaging algorithms. In English - it takes damn good pictures.

This is how the camera looks like.

How Tough is The New iPhone? Can It Survive a Roundhouse Kick From a UFC Fighter? [VIDEO]

Watch the new iPhone take some serious abuse in this video below. Think dropping on the floor is hurt? How about getting a roundhouse kick from a UFC fighter? Check out the video below. Will it survive?
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