Egg Decorating Machine From Lego

Why bother decorating your own eggs when you can do it with the help of LEGO? This one guy built himself a machine that does that. Check it out below:

Domino's Made a Pizza Delivery Robot

Will the delivery man soon be extinct? Because Domino's just built their own delivery robot, and it looks pretty good. Will it be late?

You'll Want This Inflatable Portable Lounge Bag

Like lounging on the beach? How about on an inflatable bag like this to get your tan on? You'll want this. Check it out:

Google's AI Makes Art. Raises Nearly $100,000

Google’s DeepDream AI is pretty good at art. So much so that most of its work is kinda trippy. The company held an auction in San Fransisco last Friday and managed to sell them for $97,605. That's huge for AI art! Check it out:

Guess the Scientific Names Of These Animals

How well do you know your animal names? Do you know their scientific names? Take a guess in the quiz below:

This Wooden Clock Writes The Time. Took 6 Months To Make

Imagine a clock that doesn't display just the time, but also writes it out for you. This one here took 6 months to build, and you can check out the process and results below.

Now There's a Headband That Will Put You To Sleep

Sleep deprived? Can't seem to shut eye? Then you might need the help of some tech. This headband apparently uses 'brain-training' sounds that help users to get in to deep sleep. This is where your body recovers, and it's an important part of sleep.

Here is How Much Everything On Your Smartphone Cost in 1985

You're actually saving quite a lot of money with the things you do with your smartphone if you compare it back to 1985. From sending a text to using your GPS, and even playing your music as you go, these things would have cost you an arm and a leg.

Is There a Cure For Pimples?

This video will explain why you get pimples and what you can do to stop them from coming. Good luck.

Sword Art Online Gets Sponsored by IBM

Will this be the future of gaming? IBM's supercomputer will power an online, anime VR game. This sounds interesting and exciting.

See a Son Casually Explaining How Computers Work For His Father

It's tough. No wonder they don't understand. Sorry, dad.

A Teenager Built a Working Real-Life Sized Model of BB-8

Meet Angelo Casimiro. He's only 17-years-old and he runs the YouTube channel TechBuilder. He just built a life size, remote controlled BB-8 droid and he's even put out a guide on Instrutables on how you can do it yourself too.

The Last Job On Earth in a Fully Automated World

The world will soon become fully automated. Which means, some jobs could be replaced by robots in the future. But in that world to come, there will still be some jobs left for humans to do.

Who Said What in Star Trek?

How much of a Star Trek fan are you? Do you know who said what in which Star Trek? Take the quiz below:

Can a Butter Knife Split a Bullet? This Video Will Show You How

We've seen a Katana cut a bullet in half before, but can a butter knife do the same? Even though it's not layers of layers of metal being pounded in to one? Check out the video below:

This is a 2,200 Degree Cube And You Can Touch It Seconds After Removing It From an Oven

You wouldn't even think twice of touching something that looks like it is burning and crimson hot like this cube here, but it's actually apparently, very safe. Though, I doubt I'd do it.

Vintage Spy Tech That's The Stuff Of Legend

Vintage spy tech was awesome, and this must be where James Bond movies get its inspiration from. Because you certainly wouldn't expect any of these things to be spy-tech related, right? Check it out below:

Check Out The Super Detailed Psycho Pass Model Gun in Real-Life

Consumer electronics manufacturer Cerevo showed off their ultra-detailed replica of the Dominator - the gun used in the hit anime Psycho Pass. But that's not all they did. They also made it move! It's incredible. Check it out:
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