Stephen Hawking is Building Interstellar Spaceships

Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire Yuri Milner are building miniature sized robots the size of a smartphone and sending them to Alpha Centauri - 4.37 light years away. “For the first time in human history we can do more than just gaze at the stars. We can actually reach them.”

Building The Ultimate Lightsaber

Where do you even begin? The Verge digs into the complex world of lightsabers. Check it out below:

Google's Bi-Pedal Robot Looks Like TARS From Interstellar

Google showed off its latest robot - a bi-pedal robot that is capable of walking in challenging situations and doing some manual labor we don't want to. Check it out below: For comparison, here's TARS:

Use Beer Cans To Boost Your WiFi Signal!

Beer is fun, but what's even better is that its cans can be used to boost your WiFi signal. All you have to do is cut it up instead of slamming it down the trash. YouTuber KipKay will show you how.

This Teen Made a Device To Clean Polluted Water

Meet 17-year-old Paige Brown. She's a senior from Bangor High School, and she's created a way to pull destructive phosphorus from a stream by using seaweed gel with aluminum and magnesium. She created a filter to clean polluted water!

Siri Gives Access To Contacts and Photos Without a Passcode

A bug, which has subsequently been fixed according to Apple, allows hackers to get into your contacts and photos by way of Siri.

Hacker Developed a Kit To Make Your Car a Self-Driving One For Under $1,000

Don't want to wait for self-driving cars to be real and here? Then this guy's kit will do the trick. For 1,000 only, George Hotz has a way to retrofit your car and turn it into a semi-autonomous one!

This is Google's Self-Driving Bicycle in Netherlands

Because why bother doing it yourself when you can get it to self-ride!

Sony Japan Invents The World's First Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Basically, you need this, in any case of ghosts coming your way.

Google Cardboard Plastic Takes VR To The Next Level

Google's April Fools pranks are hitting the web hard, and here's an upgrade to Google Cardboard: Google Cardboard Plastic!

Google's Japanese Input Physical Flick Version April Fools Prank

This would have been cool if it were real. Too bad. Oh, too bad.

Now You Can Search Google Photos by Emoji

Turns out, not a joke? Google takes its April Fools celebration quite seriously, so it was hard to believe this is real. Apparently. Check it out:

Porsche Made a Magazine Ad Bringing The 911 To Life in Hologram

How do you make magazine ads relevant again? You do something like what Porsche did for their 911 ad. Obviously, it's expensive to do, and we probably won't be seeing many of these, but hey, it looks super cool. Check it out:

4 Ways Cloud Computing Provides HIPAA Compliant Security Measures

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (or HIPAA) is meant to protect patient information by mandating that the data is stored as securely as possible.

In most cases, this leaves doctor’s offices with two choices: give up precious office space for on-site servers to host the information, or turn to the cloud. While the cloud seems like an easier alternative, the federal government has strict guidelines for data storage, and cloud companies have been playing catch-up to comply.

This is How Much Data You Need Based On Your Surfing Choices

It’s all about data these days. We want more. We need more! Otherwise, what use are our phones for? Pick what you usually do online and we’ll tell you how much data you really need:

Get all the data you need to satisfy the surfing beast in you with a 10GB plan (5GB monthly internet and 5GB weekend internet) with unlimited calls to any network with First™ Gold for RM80/month. You can also connect to their WiFiPlus in over 600 spots nationwide. More details can be found here.

This is The Science of Laser Hair Removal

The science of hair removal is actually pretty interesting. Watch as this man burns himself without actually burning himself. In slow motion!

Check Out Xiomi's Smartphone-Controlled Rice Cooker

Chinese tech company Xiaomi has developed a solution to make and cook the perfect rice. The company recently introduced its newest home appliance that can be controlled with a smartphone. It's genius. But it's more than that!

The Next Big Thing in Tech Isn’t a Device

Hardware isn’t sexy anymore. For a while, everyone was doing it. And now, major companies are exiting the hardware game. Why? Because major companies have realized that there isn’t any money in hardware. Hardware is simply a means to an end for consumers - a way to get to the internet, to get our jobs done, to schedule our lives. So if the next big thing in tech isn’t going to be a device, what is it going to be?
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