Check Out The New iPhone SE That's Inspiring Dick Jokes All Around

Smaller, but twice as powerful. This is Apple's latest iPhone SE. Check out the videos below:

Japane Watchmakers Show Off Their "Art of Time"

This is the incredible art of time, made by Japanese watchmakers to showcase their work for Seiko. Check it out below:

Egg Decorating Machine From Lego

Why bother decorating your own eggs when you can do it with the help of LEGO? This one guy built himself a machine that does that. Check it out below:

Domino's Made a Pizza Delivery Robot

Will the delivery man soon be extinct? Because Domino's just built their own delivery robot, and it looks pretty good. Will it be late?

"Hellblade" Takes Real-Time Motion Capture To The Next Level

This is the making of a virtual human. And it's pretty damn awesome too. Check it out below: Watch the stunning game trailer below:

Virtual Reality with a Spin

Roulette is a game with a rich history and more than just a dash of mystique. With origins dating back to the age of the ancient Greeks and a heavy emphasis on the mysteries of mathematics and good old fashioned luck, roulette is a game that has always offered something for everyone. But it is also a game that has seen continual development.

Too Lazy To Tie Your Shoelaces? No Worries. Nike's Got Your Back

Hate tying your shoe laces? It's going to be a thing of the past. Nike unveiled a sneaker with power lacing tech at their conference. This is what they had to say:

Welcome the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0, the first performance vehicle for Nike’s latest platform breakthrough, adaptive lacing. The shoe translates deep research in digital, electrical and mechanical engineering into a product designed for movement. It challenges traditional understanding of fit, proposing an ultimate solution to individual idiosyncrasies in lacing and tension preference.

10 Countries That Produce The Most Solar Energy

We can generate endless energy thanks to the Sun, but just how much of its potential are we harnessing? Here are some 10 countries who are leading the world in the production of solar power. Could we eventually rely on this in the future?

AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol - What Really Happened

By now you've probably heard that AlphaGo beat Go Master Lee Sedol, but did you know what really happened? Check it out in the videos below:

Watch The Incredible Fur Technology in "Zootopia"

This might be Disney's most detailed animation ever. One animal in Zootopia has more individual hairs than every character in Frozen. Combined!

John Oliver Explains Why The iPhone Encryption Debate Should Not Be Taken Lightly

The whole FBI wanting Apple to make a master key to unlock the iPhone is a big deal. And here's John Oliver explaining why the debate shouldn't be taken lightly. Check it out:

Internet Addiction is Now Known as "Electronic Heroin"

It's so addictive, it might as well be called just that. Are you addicted to the Internet? Can you do a few days without it? Check out the video:

Can The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Blend?

It's all the rage right now, but the more important question is: can it blend?

This Glitch Will Make Your iPhone Faster

A trick found by redditor vista980622 involves disabling the SpringBoard animations featured in iOS 9 will make your iPhone run a tad faster. It will cut down the animations thorugh the Reduce Motion switch. Check it out in the video below:

This New Tech Will Ensure There's No More Relentless Vein Poking

There may have been a time or two when the nurse or doctor couldn't find your vein and had to poke a needle into you more than once. Now with Vein Viewer, that sort of crap is over.

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Buy a TV Anymore

This isn’t exactly far fetched: You probably don’t watch your big screen TV as much as you do the tiny-in-comparison alternative one you keep in your pocket. Like reading books and anything else a smartphone has replaced these days, a large screen TV isn’t quite a need anymore. Here’s why.

5 Incredible Things Smartphones Are Doing To Save The World

You can do everything with your phone these days, but did you know that it might also be helping scientist to save the world?

1. Smartphones are becoming portable microscopes

Scientists at UCLA have created a portable microscope that can fit on the back of a smartphone. The reason why this is so incredible is because it becomes the substitute for when traditional lab equipment isn’t available.

12 Essential Apps Every Traveler in Malaysia Needs, But Not For Their Main Features

It’s the start of the new year and with over 10 long weekend holidays to look forward to in 2016, you’d probably be glad to know that petrol price is lower this month! Which makes this the perfect reason to escape the city for a bit! Here are some of the essential apps every traveler needs that have more use than just its main features.
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