This Guy Built a Real-Life Version of Pong

Pong was such a great retro game. Daniel Perdomo decided to bring the classic game to life in this physical arcade version.

Cell Phone Tapping Software – A Change of Perspective

What are we trying to say?

When we hear or see the term cell phone tapping software, it usually brings into mind cloak and dagger, espionage and secret agents type of thoughts, which to some extent can be true but not all the time.

This Scientist Says He's Found The Cure For All Viruses

And now he needs your help. MIT-educated bioengineer Todd Rider has revealed his anti-viral concept called, 'Double-stranded RNA Activated Caspase Ologomerizer,' aka DRACO. The concept was well received in the science community, and it passed all initial tests and has the makings of becoming one of the most important medical breakthroughs.

Scientists Plan on Bringing Back a 12,400-Year-Old Puppy Back to Life

Will this work?

This is a Smartphone That Bends Into a Smartwatch

The Moxi Group in China is introducing a device that doubles up as a smartphone and a smartwatch. It has a bendable touchscreen that can wrap around a user's wrist. When unraveled, it works like a smartphone.

iPhone Factory in China Just Replaced 60,000 Employees With Robots

Goodbye humans. Hello, Robots. Foxconn, Apple's main electronics manufacturing hub has fired thousands of workers and replaced them with robots. Now they can work overtime without complaining.

This is How Long It Takes To Fall Through The Earth

How long do you think it takes? There's some math for it.

Watch This Hilarious Explanation of The Universe in 4 Minutes

What if you attempted to explain the universe in just four minutes?

Google's Modular Phone "Ara" is Finally Ready

Want to customize your phone? Google's Ara is here.

5 Luxury Tech Gadgets You Can Buy in Canada

The luxury industry has invaded the tech world, too. Buying a new tech gadget is expensive enough, but consider getting that iPhone or the tablet computer plated in gold or encrusted with diamonds. Yes, really. If you are rich enough, there’s nothing you can’t buy. So, read ahead for a list of tempting luxury tech gadgets, even if you will probably never buy them:

This Ear Device Will Translate Foreign Language in Real Time

Called The Pilot System, it was made by the Waverly Labs and allows the wearer to understand several foreign languages in real-time in ear translation. There's even an app that lets you toggle the languages you want to understand. The device can handle French, Spanish, Italian, and English for now. Check it out here.

Google's Gigapixel Camera Can Capture Paint Strokes in Famous Artwork

Google's Cultural Institute might just be better than the Louvre. It's got hundreds of thousands of artifacts you can view online, and they are gigapixel images of famous artworks. Now, they've got a robotic Art Camera that is automating the process of putting them online. Check it out below:

Pico Cassette Allows You Plug In Old School Game Cartridges into Your Smartphone

When old tech meets new. This looks pretty awesome.

Google Introduces "Tap To Translate"

It works inside any app, and you don't have to switch out and back in again to do it. Wonderful!!

Samsung Galaxy's Surfboard Will Help Make Surfing a "Social" Sport

Who says you have to leave technology behind when you're outdoors? Samsung certainly doesn't want you to do that. Check out their latest surfboard:

Check Out NASA's Timelapse of The Mercury Transit

We are truly, just a speck of dust in the universe.

Your Brain Can Delete Files, Just Like a Hard Drive

The brain is a complex thing and we're still studying it. But as it turns out, it can act like how hard drives do. According to some new discoveries, our brains can actually delete useless information to make room for other relevant and useful information.

How a Single Car Can Cause a Phantom Traffic Jam

Sometimes, it feels as if traffic jams happen for no reason. And sometimes, you're right. Because it only takes just one car for a phantom traffic jam to happen. Watch this explanation:

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