This Device Turns Any Sink Into a Laundry Machine

Brought to us by the company that made the armpit fan, this is Washable. It is a device that can turn any bucket or sink into a washing machine. And the best part: it weighs less than half a pound! Check it out below:

Here Are The Most Expensive iPhone Apps Ever

Not every app costs 0.99 cents. Here are some that you have to pay an arm and a leg to get. But are they worth it? Check out the most expensive iPhone apps you can buy, if you really want them, that is. Check it out!

Chinese Invents Robot That Solves Parking Problems Forever

Parking is always a problem. There's never enough of it, and you spend too much time looking for one. Is there a more convenient way of doing this? Chinese inventors have developed a solution that's pretty genius. It's a self-parking robot that will do it for you.

The Latest Game to Film Adaptations

Game-to-movie adaptations are nothing new; Super Mario Bros., which grossed over $20million at the international box office lays claim to being one of the first, behind Japan’s releases of anime movies Super Mario Bros.: Peach-Hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! and Running Boy Star Soldier no Himitsubu, but there have been numerous others, of every genre imaginable since. So, what is it about video games that makes them such an attractive silver screen prospect, and what’s in store for the future?

The "Bagel Smart Tape Measure" is The World's Most Intelligent Measuring Tape

It offers three different measuring modes,and the ability to save measurements and sync data with a companion mobile app.

This is How Snapchat Filters Work

A better way to take selfies than just the regular way.

World's First Fully Customizable Car Rig Will Make Car Commercials Without The Actual Car In It

It's too hard to film car commercials, so Mill's shapeshifting Blackbird will solve that problem.

Boston Dynamic's New Robot Will Do Housework and Fetch You a Drink

Now you've got help around the house!

Check Out The Wearable Keyboard

Call Tap Strap, it is a new wearable that monitors your finger movements. Tap on any surface and out come words. Check it out:

World's Largest Nerf Gun Shoots Darts at 40mph

This is one helluva huge NERF gun built by former NASA engineers. It can shatter glass!!!

Here Are Airplane Black Boxes Explained

Need to know a little bit more about airplane black boxes? What do they do and what do they record? How are they recovered and what can they tell us about an incident?

Watch This Black Hole Comparison and It'll Blow Your Mind

Einstein's equations also contained some really strange stuff. It would stop time, possess infinite gravity and possibly destroy space itself.

Crazy Things You Didn't Realize Your DSLR Camera Could Do

That shiny, brand-new camera you bought can do a lot of things, you know! In fact, you might have owned a camera for years and never unleashed its true potential. That’s perfectly fine, but it’s still fun to take a look at what’s behind the hood! The results might just surprise you.

Xbox Lets You Customize Your Own Wireless Controller Now

Say goodbye to generic stuff.

Five Devices that You Will to Connect to Internet Of Things

Internet of things (IOT) also referred as Internet of Objects is the next evolutional step of Internet in digitizing the physical world around us. Connected devices will prodigiously be increasing in the future with an estimate of 25 billion things connected “things” by 2020, according to Gartner.

This is The "Smart Doll" And It Will Charge Your Phone, Sexily?

Don't like the current way you charge your phone? Enter the Smart Doll. You can plug in your iOS or Android device into their USB port for some juice. The doll is modeled after the mascot of Japanese TV show 'Culture Japan.'

Goals and Referral Tracking: How to Make the Most of Your Marketing

When it comes to marketing and advertising, there's one thing that all business owners want to avoid: marketing campaign that consistently lose money. Sure, investing large amounts of money in a marketing campaign may give you good results, but how can you determine which marketing channels work best and which end up being a financial disaster?

Here's Taking a Look at Designs of The Hyperloop Pod Competition

The future of transportation looks interesting. Elon Musk's Hyperloop system has now got a SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition to design its test track in Hawthorne, California. Here's taking a look at some of the designs:
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