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At Hostimul, we provide professional web hosting services. With us, you will revel in offerings like domain registration and internet site hosting. We purpose to provide only top services to our customers. We assist persons and organizations through our activities to behavior enterprise in unique fields.

Are Cell Phones Allowed In The Escape Room?

If you are an adventure game lover, then the escape room is the best game for you. It is a real-life game and nothing is better than having a real-life adventure in the world. 

The escape room games are played all over the world and everyone loves to play this game. But a few people have this doubt in their mind that Are Cell Phones Allowed In The Escape Room?

The Best Tool to Convert Video From mov to mp4

Do a quick Google search to convert MOV to MP4 and you'll be hit with tons of results - not knowing which exactly would be the best choice of tool for you to use. We have reviewed a few of these tools before in the past and while they all meet the needs and standards of most common uses, we've settled on a choice that's extremely useful and easy for anyone. 

Why Slack is So Popular

Slack is one of the most popular messaging apps. Nowadays, this app has been used by over 3 million premium users and 8 million active users. Moreover, the app has earned over $1.2 billion of revenue. Let’s discuss why Slack is so popular and how to create an app like Slack.  

How to Calculate Generator Output

A thinking buyer, as a rule, studies various generator characteristics: mobility, weight, duration of operation, type of engine, number of phases, AVR presence, automation capability and much more. Equally important is the price of the generator, as well as the stability and reliability of the brand and even design.

Insert Coin Here: Why Parents Should Play Arcade Games With Their Kids

You can still remember being a kid, walking around the arcade, the pocket of your pants filled to the brim with coins, the festive lights, the beeping of electronic sounds mixed with kids' voices.

Tetris. Pac-Man. Donkey Kong. These are not just classic arcade games. These are treasures from your past, evoking memories of fun with friends and family. Such experiences are part and parcel of your identity as a gamer and as a person.

Grow Followers for Instagram Quickly

Currently Instagram is the biggest platform for self-promo, gathering a huge audience and feedback from it, gaining likes, comments and selling your products and services. It`s understandable why hundreds and thousands of people come on this resource for the first time daily and aim for running a successful and money-making blog. 

Why is Buying Bitcoins With Credit Cards Unsafe?

Well, the markets are often taken over by some new launches/ trends. The most prominent fact about such trends is that they come and when the time comes for them to leave, they do. 

But when these trends go, they often cause a lot of financial worries and setbacks for millions. The new trend of the market happens to be the Bitcoin, it is being taken over all over the market, the worst part is that people are buying Bitcoins by their credit cards, people are thinking of conversions of Doge to btc.

Best PlayStation Games of the Decade

PlayStation is a foundation of the gaming world and home to nearly the greatest games over made. Video games or electronics gaming has taken the world by storm these days. 

However, PlayStation remains the go-to destination for many big-budget ambitious titles, while it's embracing of Indies post-2019 journey. 

GDPR is not the only thing online. Here’s what you need to learn about website compliance

If you have your own website and social media presence, chances are you are already aware of Website Compliance. If not, here’s a quick overview: Website Compliance is the state of observing and following all accessibility of laws and regulations drawn by the government, that are applied to your Website.

Why Virtual Answering Service Are Vital for Small Businesses?


Many people think that a virtual answering service is unnecessary for small businesses. Many think that using a virtual phone service is a waste of both time and money. Although it is true that the virtual phone system has been in the corporate world for some time but it has been used by the large organization only. The small businesses are unable to adjust or understand the proper facts and functions of this virtual phone system.

3 Major Instagram Updates You need to be Aware of in 2020

About a decade ago, no one could ever imagine that Instagram would have transformed into a phenomenon that it is today. When people were getting obsessed with Facebook and Twitter to grow their social networks, Instagram was setting up its unique features that seemed like a dream to many. 

Having A Mobile App Can Benefit Your Business, Here’s How

Mobile apps have become the new norm in the tech industry. All industries, including food, banking, healthcare and others have started reaping the benefits of having their own mobile applications.

But hold on, don’t jump on the wagon of building an app blindly. First, draw all your needs and see what features would benefits you the most. Also, you can check out the Mobile App Online Builder, this feature allows you to build new mobile apps for your business without needing to code at all.

Perks Of Using An Online Mobile App Builder

Having a mobile app these days is see as a sign if reliability and competence in the business community. It is considered as a way to attracting and retaining more customers than ever before.

Mobile apps can provide a business with many marketing tools like in-app messages and push notifications. However, developing a mobile cost can literally cost you’re a fortune. Companies often refrain from getting a mobile app primarily because of the development costs that come with it. But fortunately, you are no longer required to hire a full time developer to make you a nice mobile app, as developments in tech now allow you to use Mobile App Online Builder to make mobile apps without have to code at all. Here are some benefits of using a no code web app builder.

Dust Monitoring: Everything you need to know

Have you ever heard about Air quality monitoring? Well, you must have and in case you haven’t, it is time for you to know about it. Air quality monitoring is an aspect which allows the entire world to keep track of the levels of air pollution around them. Since, it is important to keep track and record before actually finding a solution to any problem. 

Tips on choosing best team collaboration software

Boundaries and distance is no longer a problem for teams of workers. And even if you and your co-workers share the same workplace, enhancing communication and collaboration is often vital for the quality of final product. In any of these cases collaborative project management can be implemented into the general work process with the aim of increasing transparency and general interaction.

iCapital Financial – One of The Leading Crypto Traders

Cryptocurrencies have opened up a whole new world of opportunities in the financial markets. They have been touted as the currency of the future. This new form of currency has already permeated the market, and many smart traders are making a pretty penny off the different types of cryptocurrencies. As you are aware, traders who invested in Bitcoin back in 2009 got ROIs thousands of times their initial investments. You, too, should consider taking advantage of the cryptocurrency craze. 

Black-and-white photo coloring as a refreshment of old memories

Color photographs appeared in the middle of the XIX century but were available only to a very narrow privileged circle of people. Therefore, it is normal if the family stores black and white photographs of relatives of those years. Many even like to review them again and again as old cards can awaken special feelings and memories, transfer through time. 
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