The importance of maintenance of personal gadgets in the digital era

It has been around 35 years since the first generation of mobile phones appeared on the landscape. Intended as a means of communication, the devices have evolved and changed over the years and have now become indispensable gadgets. Smartphones now have capabilities that actually drive businesses. Whole business models have been built around the mobile phone. It is hard to imagine aggregators and ride hailing services succeed without mobiles. This makes it important to have the latest models with powerful capabilities, and to maintain the phones in top condition at all times.

10 ways to grow your instagram following

As we all know that instagram is gaining much popularity in the modern days. Posting new and appealing photos is not only the key to gain instagram following. There are several other factors that should be consider in order to grow your instagram following. So if you are looking for some great ideas to grow your reach on instagram account then you are at right place. In this article we are going to describe top 10 ways to grow your instagram following fast:

How to Watch Videos from the Internet on an old television model

Let’s imagine you’ve downloaded some great movies from Netflix or YouTube. Where would you watch them? Compared to a standard computer or laptop monitor, TV is more suitable for watching movies due to the size and position of the screen. As a result, you may need to connect your PC to the TV to watch movies.

VAT Flat Rate Scheme (FRS)

What is VAT FRS? An Overview

The VAT Flat Rate Scheme (FRS) is used to calculate a VAT payable to HMRC based on the gross turnover in a period. This scheme lets you-

- Pay a fixed rate of the VAT to HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs).- Keep the difference between what you charge the customers and what you pay to HMRC.

The Best Tool to Convert Video From mov to mp4

Do a quick Google search to convert MOV to MP4 and you'll be hit with tons of results - not knowing which exactly would be the best choice of tool for you to use. We have reviewed a few of these tools before in the past and while they all meet the needs and standards of most common uses, we've settled on a choice that's extremely useful and easy for anyone. 

Why DSA Approved Modular Elevators Are Important?

If уоu currently operating a business оr establishment thаt hаѕ mоrе thаn оnе floor аnd уоu dо nоt currently hаvе a working elevator, уоu ѕhоuld know thаt уоu аrе missing оut оn a vеrу important factor. 

Top 3 Examples of Tempting Ecommerce Marketplace Homepage Designs – Sell More with an Awesome Homepage

Whether you own a brick and mortar store or an eCommerce marketplace, engagement always matters in order to sell products. While you can work on the strategy of product placement on your offline store, the online store can only be advanced in terms of engagement by improving its homepage design elements. The homepage is the landing page of websites in most of the cases. And that is the reason why individuals always consider the whole website’s quality according to the design made on the homepage. Intlum and many other proficient eCommerce website design companies pay an immense attention to design the homepage of the marketplace websites.

7 Writing Blogging Tips for Beginners to Write Blogs Like a Pro

Are you starting your own blog or a make a living via writing? Now It's easy to get a writing job on the freelancer websites for a beginner. However, lots of writers get confused on how to write interesting posts? Well, you need to keep in mind that what can make your writing becomes something fun to do is actually your freedom from restriction. Be out of the box and you do not need to always follow other bloggers’ rules. Well, here are some simple tips to convince you that writing a good post is not as hard as you think!

Do I Need a Stand for My MacBook Pro?

When it comes to getting the best out of your MacBook, you want to make sure that your posture is right when you’re working. If you’re lying on the couch watching movies, this is not all that important. When you need to work for eight hours a day, it becomes essential. 

Blockchain Industry Coming Soon to an Industry Near You

Blockchain tech is relatively new, but not entirely as new as you might think. It was in 2017 that it started to gain traction on a global scale and entered the public’s consciousness. Who can forget how Bitcoin jumped in value from around $1,000 to just under $20,000 in the space of a year?

The Benefits of Using iSkysoft Data Recovery Software

You might be worried to use iSkysoft data recovery software because this is your first time. Actually, you just need to make sure that this iSkysoft data recovery software is the best software to recover your lost data. Reading the opinion from the users is one of the effective ways to make sure that you are about to use the right software to help you.  

Email hosting services options to consider for your business website

It’s true: Email should be the business of every business. It serves as the marketing hub of any brand worth its salt. It’s the easiest way to get your message across, both internally and externally. You use it to provide vital notifications. It also gives you storage space when storing important information or shared files.

The Right Kind of Flowmeter

Flowmeters are devices that measure the flow of a running resource. You’ve probably seen one before. When you look at a network of pipes in your basement, or when you visited a factory, those dials attached to the pipes are examples of flowmeters. There’s usually a flowmeter in every building or one for each resource flowing into it: gas, water, steam, and oil are all measured with flowmeters.

DNA Ancestry Tests Can Seem Cheap But What is the Real Price?

Ancestry DNA tests are commonplace in the world today. Millions of people have spit into a vial and sent off their bodily fluid to a company in the last decade, all with the hopes to learn more about their ancestry, health, or other factors related to DNA. It’s an exciting process that can provide you with all sorts of information about yourself and tons of companies have jumped on board to interpret your DNA for a fairly inexpensive price. Even the best DNA tests may have policies you don’t know about so let’s take a look.

3 Best Tools in Video Editors for Beginners to Learn and Use

Have you just launched a video editor for the first time and found yourself face to face with a screen full of tools? It is easy to feel lost when that happens, and odds are you may not know or recognize most of the tools that are laid out in front of you.

How to Make a Good Software Development RFP

The Request for Proposal or RFP is a form of document that entails the business needs and problems that can be evaluated by potential vendors for providing legit solutions. There are other documents as well that are quite similar to RFP, such as Request for Quotation (RFQ), used for providing price estimates to clients only, and Request for Information (RFI), used for conducting vendor research. 

Staying Golden: 5 Rules for Successful Commodity Trading

Every successful forex or commodities trader will tell you that they have a set of rules they abide by strictly, and which have ultimately made their success possible. Many of them, of course, will have learnt of these rules through painful trial-and-error over time, but that is good news for beginner traders, as they can learn from the mistakes of their predecessors to make their path to trading profits that much easier.


Everyone and anyone want to increase views and engagement on Instagram these days. Because of the new algorithm introduces by Instagram, people are not getting enough engagement on their organic posts, and it mostly focuses on paid content that get the most popularity. We have some hacks and trips that will help you get more views and tackle this problem. Even though engagement now on Instagram is much different compared to how it used to be but what matters is that your content is engaging enough, and if you don’t get as many likes that is fine too.
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