The Present And Future Of Tech

We don’t need to be told that technology has changed the world. We’ve seen it happen over the last century, and we’re seeing it happen today. We’ve seen it in the progression from the world’s first computer, a humongous piece of machinery, to the tiny, advanced computers millions of us carry in our pockets every day.

Product Review for Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Software – Free Edition

While it is easy to recover data in case of an operating system crash, it is not the same in the event of a PC or a Laptop crash where data is deleted due to bad blocks, partition corruption, hard drive failure, etc. It becomes a real problem and a top priority over everything else.

All you need to know about Virtual Phone Numbers

You must have come across the term ‘virtual phone number’ in the recent past. This has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years but there are a lot of people who are unsure as to what it is all about. Initially it was considered to be a number on the internet that mainly revolves around internet based activity. Sadly, only a certain part of that is correct.

Why is a Business App a must for Brand Building?

These days the world of business is on the internet. If you are competitor in the industry, you need to have a strong online presence in order to sustain in the competition. One of the best ways to ensure that you have the correct online presence is by having a good business app.

The Pitfalls of Audio Conferencing

With the huge benefits and rise of video conferencing in the past few years, many of us forget that it wasn’t too long ago that audio conferencing was growing at an exponential rate with new versions coming out every other month.

Old Meets New: eCommerce and the Vintage Market

Online shopping is changing how people acquire vintage and antique items. While finding the perfect vintage faux fur coat might have once required a trip to an overstuffed—and honestly, smelly—physical store, it’s now a handful of clicks away for savvy buyers who have some idea of what they like. For entrepreneurs looking to capitalize on their keen eye and resell antique furniture, vintage fashions, and other wares from bygone eras, setting up an e-store is the premier way to centralize goods and reach people from around the country or world.

All You Need to Know about Hotspot Shied VPN Provider and Its Service

There are two most important things, which you need to know about any VPN provider: price and quality. It is important to know that you can test the service, before buying a paid version. Hotspot Shield VPN gives you such an opportunity so that it is already a big plus.

Tips on Buying the Best Camcorders

Camcorders have been one of the most popular and widely bought gadgets across the globe during the 1990s. With the introduction of the 2010s and the launch of the smart phones, the demand for the camcorders, somewhat went down a little.

Smartphone Trends to Watch in 2017

Cyclist cheats death by changing flights - twice Maarten de Jonge is a Dutch cyclist riding for the UCI Continental Bike Aid. Surely he's had quite a few near-death situations during his biking career - things like this are unavoidable in traffic. Yet nothing in the life of an average human can be compared to how he cheated death twice when preparing for flights. De Jonge, 31, was scheduled to take both Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 AND Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 in 2014. He changed his mind both times, though, so he didn't board any of these flights. The results: one plane crashed in the ocean, one plane shot down in Ukraine, and one cyclist who has survived both times. Fidel Castro - the leader supremo who cheated death hundreds of times Fidel Castro was surely a mote in many eyes. Being the leader of one of the last remaining Communist countries is not what you would call a life insurance. During his reign in Cuba, Castro was the target of over 600 assassination attempts, including ones using poisoned cigars, exploding cigars, hidden needles and its likes. Whether his survival can be attributed to luck or the preparedness of his security detail is unknown. Castro survived all the attempts to his life. He passed away on November 25th, 2016, at the age of 90. The cause of his death was not disclosed. Tsutomu Yamaguchi - the man who survived two atom bombs Nuclear weapons are so destructive that they only needed to be deployed twice to convince the world that they are too horrible to use. Surviving one of the two would be an achievement on its own. And how about surviving both? Well, that's what happened to Tsutomu Yamaguchi, an oil tanker designer.

Why Having a Text Message Spy App Is Important?

Keeping a constant eye on children’s cell phone activity has become imperative in today’s difficult and insecure times. Parents have no other choice but to keep tabs on their cell phones and internet activity. They spy on their children’s online activity because they want to keep them protected from the threats of the digital world. Therefore, using a text message spy app is highly recommended to them.

The No Cable Way to Record iPhone on a Mac

People who use a Mac can use a built-in method to record anything being played on their iPhone or iPad. Apple made the smart decision to allow users to save the screen display as a movie.

However, this easy method requires a Lightning cable to allow you to record from iOS to your Mac. Naturally, the whole process cannot be done on a Windows machine either. In my quest for easier recording without the need for a cable, I found a very useful AirPlay solution.

7 Reasons Why Your Retail Business Needs a Mobile App

I think it’s safe to say, every now and then all of us use the services of retail companies via web stores, yeah? But what about a mobile field where we spend like... half of our day sometimes? The number of iPhone and smartphone user is reaching an enormous point, that is just going to increase with each year.

Are in-game items becoming a digital currency

Have you heard about the video game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Being reborn in 2012 this masterpiece from Valve company is still one of the hottest multiplayer games in eSports. If not, here's a quick intro – two teams fight each other to win.

Why Bother With The Cloud Anyway?

It’s incredible to think that cloud computing was just a buzzword a few years ago. But it’s since become so mainstream that most people have forgotten that there was a time before the cloud. The shocking this is that the cloud has really only been a mass consumption technology for about four years when people discovered how useful applications like Dropbox really were.

5 Business-Grade Apps to Download if You're Worried About Cyber Hacks

A 2016 study suggests that more than two-thirds of all network data breaches in the United States originate with an employee using his or her mobile device to access an employer’s network. Notwithstanding the cyber risk exposure presented by an employee’s use of a personal mobile device, employers are not likely to ban use of personal device access to corporate networks because they perceive that the convenience and benefits of that use outweigh the cyber risk detriment.

7 Steps To Creating The Best Food Ordering App Ever

The market of food delivery is warm enough to build a successful company that offers fast and cheap services. Customers want to make only a couple of clicks to receive a required package right in front of their home door. An instant callback is no longer a unique selling point and users prefer avoiding personal communication with customer support when they have no troubles.

The Immediate Impact of ERP Financing Software

As you consider what tools to add to your IT infrastructure, the speed at which you can realize a healthy ROI needs to be a major consideration. There are lots of tech tools that are capable of delivering value. The problem is that the delivery is so slow and incremental that it takes years for the solution to pay for itself.

Choosing the finest Gaming Monitors – A Guide

When it comes gaming monitors, choosing the right model can actually be quite difficult and tricky. After you have chosen a proper computer, choosing the perfect monitor is perhaps the most vital aspect of creating a gaming setup. It is actually quite a significant investment, and hence requires a lot of attention when being chosen.
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