What You Wear Is All About Sex [VIDEO]

Planning to get lucky tonight? You'll want to choose carefully to have success. The reason behind it? Science. Like everything else, it is people's perception of modesty that makes them obsess with wanting to find out what's underneath it all. The irony of it all? Clothing is more sexual than nudity. Check out the latest video from Buzzfeed:

Quick 4 Workout App Uses the Tabata Regimen and Requires No Tools [VIDEO]

Ask anyone around you if they exercise much and they'll most likely reply you with "I've got no time". So the Quick 4 workout app aims to help you do that in mere minutes and it requires no additional equipment.

This Is How We're Going to Mars

Humans will be going to Mars, eventually, and further perhaps in the future. NASA has a timeline and goals on how they will make that possible as well as when. The plan outlines what steps we'll need to take for human exploration on Mars.

Watch How This Three Minute Sequence Was Shot In a Single Take [VIDEO]

Single take shots are hard. Simply because one mess up requires a whole re-shoot of the scene. Here's a three minute video that is all just one single shot and it was created by DJI Innovations. It showcases the company's new sub $5000 Ronin gimbal stabilization system for cameras. And oh my god, it is impressive.

Baffling Balloon Behavior In Car Science Experiment [VIDEO]

Dustin from the Smarter Every Day science channel demonstrates a new experiment with the help of a helium balloon in an accelerating car. How will the balloon move as the car accelerates? Check out the video to find out:

Casper is The New Mattress That Combines Latex With Memory Foam [VIDEO]

This is one mattress you'll definitely want. Called Casper, it was created from memory foam and a 1.5" layer of latex foam on top of it to provide the best of both worlds. It looks extremely comfortable, and that's because it is!

These High School Students Have Created a Better Ketchup Bottle Cap [VIDEO]

We've talked about why ketchup is just so hard to pour out before. While there have been many inventions to address this, high school students Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson have come up with a better idea.

Everything Wrong With Humanity Explained in This Short Animation [VIDEO]

This video by Steve Cutts was originally created in 2012, and it addresses environmental problems like wildlife poaching, factory farming and deforestation. In short, us humans are wrecking the world. It is basically all our fault.

Oculus Rift Lets You Ride the 'Back to the Future' Hoverboard [VIDEO]

Don't want to wait for when the hoverboard finally gets real? After all, you could be 60 by then; there's no way you'd ride it like a gangsta when you're that old. So instead of waiting for forever to come, you can just do it now - in virtual reality.

Scientists Are Closer to Cloning Adult Humans Now

Does this sound like a good idea? Scientists from the Research Institute for Stem Cell Research at CHA Health Systems in Los Angeles and the University of Seoul are now one step closer to cloning a human being.

This Wireless Charger Can Charge 40 Devices in a Room

A team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) demonstrated a system that consists of a two 10 foot long boxes backed with magnetic coils and ferrite rods. It has enough power to juice up 40 phones simultaneously. It can also charge larger devices like portable TVs and laptops.

First Bank Shows What an Idiot You'd Look Like Wearing Google Glass [VIDEO]

This ad, created by TDA-Boulder illustrates just how silly you would look like when dealing with Google Glass like technology and signs off it. Developed for First Bank, watch the commercial below:

Google Smart Contact Lenses Coming Closer to Reality

It looks like Google Glass could be making a beeline for your eyeball. They plan to bring smart contact lenses to diabetes sufferers. Now they have secured two patents last week for the cutting edge, biometric sensor technology.

Nike Will Position Fuelband Software for Wearables

Nike laid off part of its Fuelband fitness tracker team with plans to abandon the hardware. But did they fail? Or was competition about to get really hot in this space?

Turns out, they are repositioning themselves. And in a much better one too. The move is strategic to open up Nike software to other wearable platforms. One of them would be Apple's upcoming iWatch. The Fuelband software would get a huge boost from Apple customers with their sights set on the iWatch.

China is Going to Have The World's Fastest Elevators

Hitachi announced a contract to build two of the fastest elevators the world has ever seen for a skyscraper in China. The building in question is the Guangzhou CTF Finance Center.

It will stand at 1,738 foot and is designed by KPF Architects overlooking the Pearl River when it is finished in 2017. Hitachi will build almost 100 elevators for the building. There are hotels, condos and offices in it.

5 Oculus Rift Facts in Stop Motion [VIDEO]

To clear up the confusion of why Facebook bought Oculus Rift, Vsauce3 is back and he made an enlightening video in stop motion animation to deliver 5 important Oculus Rift facts. For starters, did you know it raised $2.4 million on Kickstarter? Check it out after the jump:

These 10 College Dropouts Are a Billion Times More Successful Than You

A college education is important. But there have been cases where a handful of people have made it without a degree. That said, college isn't for everyone. While graduates are more likely to get hired compared to someone without higher education, many of the technology companies we rely on today were started by dropouts.

3D-Printed Ultrasound Cast Helps You Recover Faster, and Cooler

The drawback of having a cast this cool looking? No one is going to be able to sign on it. But who cares! You want those broken bones to heal. And heal fast! Deniz Karasahin designed a custom cast that comes with an ultrasound device to speed up bone healing.
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