You Can't Steal This Bike. Unless You Break It [VIDEO]

Tired of locks that don't work and people taking off with your bike? The Yerka Project is an interesting one because it can't be stolen without breaking it. The project is being developed by 3 Chilean students. Watch the video below:

Clever Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Data Charges

About ten years ago, you wouldn’t see many people walking around with a smartphone or tablet device. Such technology was in its infancy, and most people used their computers at work or home to go on the Internet.

7 Ways To Be More Productive by Hacking Your Brain [VIDEO]

There are many ways to be more productive, but perhaps the best way to do so is to understand why we aren't in the first place. Here are a couple of brain hacks you can use to be a tad bit more productive.

Vine Will Now Let You Add Existing Video into The App [VIDEO]

Vine released an update that adds the ability to import existing videos into the app and supports mixing two different videos together. The new update is currently available on iOS with an Android release expected soon.

Watch The Beautiful Hyperlapse Video of Lisbon and Sesimbra

Ukrainian filmmaker Kirill Neiezhmakov created a hyperlapse video of Portugal's coastal areas - Lisbon and Sesimbra. The video, shot in May 2014, is set to the song “World Looking In” by Morcheeba. Watch the beauty of Portugal below:

This Is The Crazy UI Design of Guardians of the Galaxy [VIDEO]

The Guardians of the Galaxy has some incredible UI design in the film, showing off some of the most impressive graphics used in movies in recent times.

Done by Territory Studio, they uploaded a reel of its work to Vimeo. You can check out how it is done.

Where Does the Pleasant Smell of Rain Comes From? [VIDEO]

Everyone loves the smell of rain. But where does it come from? The latest episode of It’s Okay to Be Smart, explains exactly just that.

If you said “from the sky,” then congratulations! You are hilarious. But it’s a lot more interesting than that. The pungent perfume that accompanies rainstorms carries special chemical signatures, some born from lightning, some from deep within the soil.

What Are the Biological Causes of Depression? [VIDEO]

ASAPScience uses animation to explain and explore the scientific theories surrounding the biological causes of depression and how medications work to counter its symptoms. According to them:

When we look at the brain of a depressed person, studies show that the hippocampus tends to be much smaller than average…the longer a person has been depressed the smaller the hippocampus becomes. The cells and networks literally deteriorate…Interestingly, many modern drugs, including those which affect serotonin levels, have an indirect effect on the growth of brain cells. This is why serotonin-based drugs seem to help some patients, but not for the reasons we once thought. Instead, they promote the release of other chemicals that ultimately stimulate neurogenesis, the growth of new neurons.Check out the video here:

This Is How You Measure The Speed of Light....With Chocolate! [VIDEO]

Here's a fun experiment to try out at home. How do you measure the speed of light without the use of laboratory props? Turns out all you need is a microwave, ruler, and a bar of chocolate. Simple as that!

Lasers in the Entertainment Industry

When mst people think of laser technology, they would think of lasers are only used in the industrial business. But most people don’t know is that laser are used in various industry including the military, healthcare, science, arts and entertainment. Today, let’s focus on the lasers used in the entertainment industry. The entertainment industry uses lasers for a variety of purposes including producing fabulous "light shows" and digital film writing to DVDs. Below are a few examples of how the entertainment industry puts lasers to use for your enjoyment:

Guy Makes an Indestructible Soccer Ball For The Children of Struggling Regions [VIDEO]

A few years ago, Tim Jahnigen set out to create a football that would be indestructible. It would be for children in struggling regions where they couldn't afford balls. Now he's done with his "One World Futbol Project". His football is literally indestructible. Check out the heartwarming video below:

Now You Can Spread Cold Butter With Ease Thanks to This Kickstarter

Cold butter doesn't spread evenly. In fact, it damages your bread, resulting in torn bread or a single pat of butter in one spot of the bread. It's annoying and also, not efficient!

So ButterUp, a Kickstarter has the answer for this.

Watch Airplanes Avoiding Thunderstorms On Radar [VIDEO]

Thunderstorms are bad for traveling, and navigating through bad weather is one of the most important airport traffic controller's job. Here's a video of radar from the Jackson Atlanta International Airport demonstrating what a thunderstorm can cause a busy airport. Lots of planning is involve. Planes must simply circle in the air for the storms to pass. Check it out:

Top 10 Movies With The Best Use of CGI [VIDEO]

CGI is needed in film today. Without it, a movie is visually unattractive. Imagine it like dressing up for a red carpet event. The more stylish the better. This is Mojo's list of the 10 most visually striking movies with CGI.

The Science Behind Captain America and The Hulk as Explained By a Biologist [VIDEO]

Comic books play with the specious possibility of science. To drive the point to some half-sense, some actual science can be used to explain some of them, so Standord University's biologist Sebastian Alvarado decided to explain the genetic transformation that made Captain America and The Hulk possible.

GF Dumped You? This Japanese Company Creates Love Dolls to Replace Her [VIDEO]

Are you lonely? Here's some good news for you. A Japanese company has created love dolls that will be your companions. Made from uniquely developed silicone material, the doll has no seams on its body and looks as real as real can get.

Why Did Mark Zuckerberg Dump a Bucket of Ice Water Over His Head?

This isn't a parody. Some of the most powerful people in the business world are doing it. For charity! It is a stunt that's part of a campaign to raise money to fight ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). Those who take the challenge can nominate three other people to take the challenge within 24 hours or donate to the ALS foundation.

The Robot Future is Here. Humans Need Not Apply [VIDEO]

Robots are slowly creeping their way into our lives already. We already have robot floor cleaners, and now most factories are leveraging on bots that never get tired or make mistakes. Then, cars are going to be auto controlled too. This is the future of robots. How will this affect our jobs and the economy? Watch the video below:
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