The Evolution of Humans In One Quick and Funny Animation [VIDEO]

Here's a history of our evolution. ADHD made this animation showing how we went from one point to the other and to how we got here today. Pretty cute actually!

From discovering fire.

To building the wheel.

This Kid Knows His Science

He did get it right. [TO]

Samsung Trolls The iPhone 6 Plus in a New Ad For Galaxy Note 4 [VIDEO]

Samsung trolls Apple's iPhone 6 Plus in a new Galaxy Note 4 ad, and jabs it at every chance they get. The ad is pretty good too. Check it out below.

From Apple realizing they have to make bigger phones now.

"Java 4-Ever" Is The Romantic Movie For Programmers That Love Java [VIDEO]

Even programmers deserve a love story of their own. Here's "Java-4-Ever", and it is a romantic movie for programmers that love Java. They quarrel on .Net and Java. Which is better?

How romantic can it get?

Hack Your Brain's Default Mode With Meditation [VIDEO]

What is the science behind meditation? How do we unlock the potential of our brains? Here's Dan Harris explaining the neuroscience behind meditation and why we all need to start doing it.

The Reason We Enjoy Repetition in Songs, According to Science [VIDEO]

Why do we love the choruses in songs? Is there a reason to it? Music professor Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis explains that it is actually our brains that are hard-wired to enjoy them.

How many times does the chorus repeat in your favorite song? How many times have you listened to that chorus? Repetition in music isn’t just a feature of Western pop songs, either; it’s a global phenomenon. Why? Elizabeth Hellmuth Margulis walks us through the basic principles of the ‘exposure effect,’ detailing how repetition invites us into music as active participants, rather than passive listeners.

Appreciate The Apple Watch in 12 Beautiful GIFs

Didn't get enough of the Apple Watch? Here's a really good look at it, in GIFs! Explore the watch in just about every angle you can imagine. Check it out below:

1. Different colors, different straps.

Are Coincidences, Really Coincidences? This Video Explains It

Vsauce tackles the idea of spooky coincidences, like how you hear your name when no one is talking and why is it so easy for us to find hidden messages. Check out the video after the jump:

Apple iPhone 6 Ads featuring Justin Timberlake & Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake team up once more in a flurry of iPhone 6 television ads. The first premiered during yesterday's big unveiling, while the 2nd one discusses iOS 8's new Health app. Check out the ads below:

The Moto 360 is Nicer Looking Than The Apple Watch

If you loved GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64, then you'll appreciate how much this watch was modeled after. This Moto 360 looks more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than the new Apple Watch.

Modeled by the folks at Phandroid, it is called the Secret Agent Watchface in the Google Play Store.

This Is The Reason You Fart, According to Science [VIDEO]

Everyone farts. Everyday. Between 10 to 20 times a day. Some people fart more, of course, but that's entirely up to them, okay? Have you ever wondered where fart comes from?

The gas is a result of the bacteria in your gut. This video gets to the bottom of what causes it.

12 Things The New Apple Watch Can Do [VIDEO]

If you're going to spend $350, then you had better know what you're getting yourself into. Luckily, the new Apple Watch actually has some impressive features and functions.

1. It's got a nice clasp lock.

Timex Trolls The Apple Watch. Look, Mom. No Phone Required!

When Apple unveiled the Apple Watch this morning, the company didn't shy away from its crazy good features. Except for one thing: it needs to be paired with an iPhone.

A few hours later, Timex took the opportunity to promote on Twitter its own phone-free smartwatch.

Lefties Aren't Too Happy About The Apple Watch

Apple unveiled its new Apple Watch today. It uses a "digital crown" that lets you scroll and zoom in on stuff. That's great, except, lefties aren't going to enjoy this very much.


Apple Introduces the Apple Watch [VIDEO]

Most people are wondering, why didn't they call it the iWatch instead? Apple's foray into wearable tech is here. The Apple Watch follows the footsteps of the iPod and has a scroll wheel-inspired Digital Crown.

Apple Wants to Replace Your Wallet With Apple Pay

Your smartphone is with you all the time. So it makes sense to combine your credit and debit cards into a single device. Why bother carrying a wallet already these days? Apple Pay is supposed to circumvent exposed account numbers, outdated magstrieps and vulnerable security codes. They want to be your new wallet.

Late To The Phablet Party, But Here's Apple's iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus [VIDEO]

Apple kicked off its event today by removing the wraps off the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The two have joined the phablet category now.

The new iPhones see curved edges, and the design is beautiful. It is also thinner than before, with the iPhone 6 measuring 6.9mm while the Plus at 7.1mm.

This Lightweight Exoskeleton Will Let You Run 10% Faster [VIDEO]

Jason Kerestes co developed the AirLegs exoskeleton with the support from DARPA. The machine is pretty small and it is worn on the back. It also gives the wearer superhuman abilities - it decreases the metabolic cost of walking and running by about 10%.
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