We launch our new blog service today. You can check it out by either signing up for an account, or, viewing one of our bloggers' own.

Here are some of the updates:
  • Interface changed completely
  • Editor tool updated and upgraded
  • Over 20 multiple themes to choose from
  • Better management of your blog account
However, we are experiencing some bumps, like exisitng logins / accounts. If you are an existing member of the Fooyoh Entertainment Network, you might want to try these few steps as a solution in the interim:

1. Login from Fooyoh.com
2. Select the update profile option at the top
3. You'll come to your account settings page
4. Select update password
5. You'll be able to login from your blog now http://blog.fooyoh.com/(username)

Also, we're working on a couple of quick fixes for people to create blog accounts, so just bare with us for abit. Thanks!

- The Fooyoh Team -