If this is your first time in Fooyoh, then you'll not be shocked by the amount of changes that we have just went through. However if you are a recurring Fooyoh.com visitor then you'll be seeing alot of things that just got cooler. At the heart of Fooyoh.com's networks, we adhere to our tagline - Served Fresh Daily. Every day, new articles and news, can be found in any one of our sister sites, and Fooyoh.com will direct you there.

First off, is Iamchiq.com, your online women's daily magazine destination. It talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, tips, home, and gardening. Your ideal place to find out and resonate with, what's relevant to the modern chic today.

Next is Menknowpause.com which is our online men's portal. Menknowpause was designed to cater for the modern man and has alot of intelligent articles written by our writers. Not sure what I'm talking about? Start your day with awesome then.

Moving on is Geekapolis.com which is our technology sister site. As self explanatory this can get, Geekapolis gives its take on today's gadgets and reviews of peripherals that you'll have respect for. Yeah, that's right. Respect.

Geraldinho.com is Fooyoh Entertainment's Sports Gossip site. Who ran Ronaldo down with what? Why is Federer so sad? Can the Tiger change its stripes? Find out more in Geraldinho.

The Directhor becomes the next best destination for movie news that you want to read. Its no bore when it comes to entertainment.

Finally there's, Fooyoh.tv. Anime, drama, tv series, all streaming to you. The internet is the new TV.

Like what you see? We hope so. See you at the Fooyoh Entertainment Network.

- The Fooyoh Team -